Radiant Tale - Nintendo Switch Review

Radiant Tale by developers Design Factory and Otomate and publisher Aksys GamesNintendo Switch review written by Natasha with a copy provided by the publisher.
Estimated reading time: 6 minutes.

*Spot Light*

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We invite you tonight to relax and be dazzled by our spectacular performance from our unique individuals. What's that? Not sure what a circus is? Well I can assure you that it's a once in a life time experience that you'll never forget. We have an array of acts from juggling, magic, acrobatics, and a special appearance from a dragon. Don't believe me? Then let your eyes and heart tell you how this tale will unfold.

Everyone, here at CIRCUS, can't wait to have you join us on this adventure! 

*Tips hat and bows*


Welcome to the Circus Life

Our act begins in a cozy little tavern. Lively and full of excellent service, Tifalia works hard everyday to live a normal life, along side her mothering Aunt. Then one day, on a shopping errand, a mysterious being falls from the sky and collides with our flabbergasted brunette. It's raining men, hallelujah! As she flutters her eyes open she comes face to face with a red haired man, with eyes as sharp as diamonds. That's because this young pup is a dragon. Tifalia is shocked, since dragon beasts are a rare sight.

After apologizing for his terrible landing, he begins to explain why he's here. He's on a mission to help wake the sleeping prince's heart and has joined a group of talented individuals to bring joy and wonder to the kingdom. With enough strong emotions, CIRCUS can bloom a special flower called Flora, a strong Mana imbued gem that may awaken the future king. There's just one problem... they're not very organized.

All they need is a manager and lucky for them they just happened upon the cutest, most imaginative girly who was suckered into joining a group of entertainers. Now sign your life away on this lovely embroidered piece of parchment and let's start the show!

Meet our Performers

Raise your hand if you ever thought you'd be charming the pants off of carnies??? No?! Yeah, me neither, but somehow they found a way to make circus performers really REALLY worth your time. If you think you've got an eyeful of them on stage, wait till you see them back stage! *Eyebrow wiggle*


Zafora (VA: Junya Enoki) {Cupid Parasite, OZMAFIA!!}

  • Resident Tsundere

  • Great at Juggling his Balls

  • Hawt Clown

Straight up, the asshole of the group. He has no time (or manners) for anyone and prefers to work alone. Having been betrayed in the past, he believes friendships are pointless. But, when it comes to performing, he will put on a spectacular show. If you're willing to put a bit of backbone into his rude demeanor you might find he's all bark and no bite.


Vilio (VA: Yuuma Uchida) {Jack Jeanne, Olympia Soiree}

  • Golden Boy

  • Gut of Steel




'Scuze me... I lost myself. What I meant to say was that this little firecracker is ready to entertain and if you're looking for someone with the playfulness of a child and a smile that can melt your heart, not literally, then perhaps you'll find your fated pair by dating this airborne pup.


Paschalia (VA: Yuichiro Umehara) {Jack Jeanne, Cafe Enchante}

  • Blushy Boo

  • As Gentle as Water

  • Magical Boy

It isn't hard to tell that this young man made a contract with a water spirit as his entire appearance just screams 'As blue as the ocean'. Soft spoken and a gentleman to boot, this water mage is as squishy as they come. Ready to comfort, encourage, and guide you, water boy just wants to see you smile.

Ion (VA: Youhei Azakami) {Seven Deadly Sins, Atelier Ryza}

  • Not a Pirate

  • Cooking Guru

  • Muscles I'd like to Squeeze

A warrior in his past, this quiet gladiator comes off intimidating at first. Many tend to keep their distance, but if you can look past his scary features you'll be surprised at how delicate he treats the people he loves. 

*Feigns a faint*

"Darn, these weak ankles of mine. Carry me, daddy?"

Radie (VA: Nobuhiko Okamoto) {Variable Barricade, Charade Maniacs, Cupid Parasite}


  • Oh, no! He's Hot!

  • Forget-Me-Not

The mascot and family guardian (pet) of the group, this pink ball of fluff is ready to make you laugh. A sucker to those who cry, he's ready to shake his tushy to turn that frown upside down. If cute furry creatures aren't doing it for you, don't worry, because this tiny fur ball has a tall, handsome, secret.

Around the Map in 30 Days

The main object of Radiant Tale is to travel to the various towns around the kingdom in order to create flora gems, which means we get a bit of a mapping system that shows us what's available. Character Events will pop-up during each visit and you'll have the freedom to choose which character you'd like to focus on.

Each circus member will be located in different points of interest in town and are adorably depicted by a chibi visual of themselves. Somehow the atmosphere of the game kinda gives off a bit of Atelier vibes. 

Tasteful Costumes and Designs

One of the first things that stuck out to me was how artful every detail was. From the breathe-taking character designs to the crafty and colourful menus and maps. Even the text bubbles have a circus flavour to them. It's all visually appealling and is something that most people can't miss.

It doesn't surprise me that I thoroughly enjoy the art style since it's from the same designer who illustrated Variable Barricade. They went above and beyond with making sure every character had their own unique style and costume. Every brush stroke just seems to pop, including the outfits they put on when they're ready to perform, they're especially eye catching. Bravo!

Music That'll make you Swoon

I hafta say, I really think the soundtrack for Radiant Tale is perfect. The crazy zestfulness of the carnival style tunes are appropriately fun, while any and all emotional scenes have me stopping just to listen in on how beautifully it performs.

It's also nice that the 'EXTRA' content in the main menu screen allows you access to all the tracks in the game. Which is nice since I can put it on repeat while I clean my house, because I don't just drop everything in life just so I can get some 2D hotties to fall in love with me.

*Nervous Laugh*

Curtain Call

As the curtain falls, I leave Radiant Tale with a sense of pure contentment. My heart aches for a good Fantasy Rom-Com and this visual novel didn't disappoint. The characters, story, music, and overall theme flowed beautifully. Like the loudest, biggest picture book. If you're looking to drown yourself in an entire world of magic and fae creatures then look no further, because this game will have you gripping your controller for more. This gets my cheerful rating of 9.5 out of 10.

Don't forget... CIRCUS will one day return and when it does maybe I'll finally remember to bill all these gorgeous men who have been living rent free in my mind.

Score: 9.5 / 10



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