A Sinister Path is Revealed in the Lovecraftian Narrative RPG 'HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising'

Paris, France – August 7th: As the release on Steam of HPL: Nyarlathotep Risingthe oversized Lovecraftian narrative RPG, draws near, Why Not AI and Touched by Grace studios are thrilled to announce the availability of an exclusive demo during the Visual Novel Festival on Steam. From August 7th to August 14th, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a first glimpse of HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising, where an intricate veil of mystery and ominous choices await.
Play the demo and Wishlist HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising on Steam to be among the first to experience the cosmic terror that lies ahead:

Scheduled for an official release in early November 2023HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising promises an immersive and enigmatic psychological horror experience that will captivate players. Within the eerie confines of the demo, the souls of Mark, Anna, and Victor await your guidance and the fate of humanity hangs precariously in the balance as they confront a malevolent cosmic threat. Nyarlathotep, the Ancient One, strains to be reborn in its earthly incarnation; cultists are gathering to perform their dreaded ritual: can you stop them? "We are excited to offer players a preview into the world of HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising with our demo during the Visual Novel Festival on Steam," said Jean-Martial Lefranc, CEO at Why Not AI. “We believe the game offers a unique approach into the Lovecraft universe – still, we need to hear back from as many testers as possible in order to improve their experience before the official release.”
Prepare to embark on a harrowing journey where your choices resonate with cosmic significance. Experience the haunting beauty and unsettling narrative of Lovecraft's universe as HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising beckons brave souls to traverse the realm of Lovecraftian horror during the Visual Novel Festival on Steam.

Unique Features

  • Lovecraftian Themes and Lore: The game stays true to H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror, creating a chilling and mysterious atmosphere
  • Oversized experience: Between 15 to 18 hours of exploration and gameplay.
  • Player Choices: Impactful decisions lead to varied story paths and multiple endings for high replayability with over 15 different endings for each character.
  • Narrative-driven Gameplay: experience engaging dialogue, relationships, secrets, and exploration as you tell your story, along with atmospheric contemporary illustrations.
  • Character Development: Control three unique characters: experience the story from their different perspectives with all three characters appearing in each telling.
  • Psychological Horror: Choices influence characters' sanity and statistics as they face unimaginable horrors.
  • Worldwide Investigation: Travel to diverse locations, gather information, and find powerful items.

About Why Not AI

 Why Not AI is a production company specializing in Animation and Interaction for video games, animated series, and tabletop games. Led by one of the founders of Cryo Interactive and Virgin Interactive. Why Not AI's first video game, HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising, due for release in Q4 2023, was born out of our worst nightmares and our devotion to the worlds imagined by H.P. Lovecraft.

About Touched By Grace

Touched By Grace is a French videogame publisher, created by three videogame specialists, combining their lifetimes’ experience in the entertainment industry, from development to distribution. Among others, the publisher is co-owner of the HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising license.
Article by: Susan N.



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