Test Subjects! Escape If You Can in the New Portal DLC for Escape Simulator

Samobor, Croatia – August 10, 2023 – Hello, and welcome test subjects. Your first task is to escape. The upcoming Portal Escape Chamber from our colleagues at Escape Simulator is designed to test your anti-containment and cooperation skills. Please escape in a timely manner, as the effects of prolonged exposure to deadly neurotoxins are not part of this test… or take your time if you really want. Coming to Escape Simulator for free on September 7th!

Co-op puzzle game Escape Simulator’s upcoming Portal Escape Chamber DLC takes you behind the scenes at the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center with a Portal-themed escape room. In this new DLC designed by Pine Studio with permission from Valve, a minor workplace incident involving thermal discouragement beam emitters has the Aperture Laboratories on lockdown with you (and up to nine other players) trapped inside. Please don’t panic, as you may distract your fellow test subjects. You’ll need to solve puzzles, repair a Personality Core, reunite with old cubed-shaped friends, and break Aperture Laboratories' safety protocols to escape. And this time around, the cake is not a lie. We promise.

The Portal Escape Chamber DLC will launch for free September 7th on Steam. 

Wishlist the new free DLC here:
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  • Solve puzzles. Face a growing collection of interactive escape rooms, spread across seven weird and wonderful locations: "Labyrinth of Egypt," "Adrift in Space," "Edgewood Mansion," “Omega Corporation,” "Steampunk Airship,” “Leonardo’s Workshop” and "Wild West."
  • Team up with friends. Every Escape Simulator room supports online co-op! Join forces with friends to test your teamwork & tackle puzzles together.
  • Powered by the community. Use the Room Editor to build your very own *dream* escape room. Or dive into one of the 3,500+ custom rooms built by our creative community.
  • Dress to impress. Wear silly hats, customize your character & wear a series of themed outfits, tailor-made for each puzzle environment.
  • Cause chaos! Smash vases. Melt locks. Rearrange the furniture. Make a mess! If it's not nailed down, you can pick it up (and inevitably throw it at your friends).

About Pine Studio

Pine Studio is a Croatian game studio, with a passion for crafting awesome puzzle games. Best known for Escape Simulator, Cats in Time & the Faraway series, as well as the cult PC classic SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell, the developers have brought beautifully-crafted indie gems to over 30 million players worldwide.

Read more about Pine Studio at https://pinestudio.com.

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Article by: Susan N.


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