Hojo Studio Makes An Offer You Can't Refuse!

Sydney – August 8, 2023 – Hojo Studio announced today that their upcoming roguelike third-person-pooper The Godfeather: A Mafia Pigeon Saga will launch on Steam in early October to coincide with the game’s appearance at PAX Australia. The Godfeather combines frantic action, stealth and exploration with a sweeping story of the pigeon underworld’s quest to take back the old neighborhood from their enemies.

The Godfeather’s fast-paced “swoop & poop” gameplay takes place across dynamically generated levels, each filled with unique targets and hazards that need to be “taken out” the only way pigeons know how. Your character, a rising associate in the pigeon underworld must fulfill missions from HQ and face brutal boss encounters to progress through the story. 
From The Suburbs to The Boidwalk to The Town, players must avoid enemy “Anti-Pigeon Drones”, cats, lifeguards, lawn-Karens, owls and much more using stealth tactics (and poop)  to their advantage. Along the way, players can loot dumpsters to reload your poop ammo, upgrade their pigeon abilities to get the edge in combat or customise their pigeon’s whole look for maximum glow-up.
The Godfeather has also been invited to be a part of the inaugural SXSW Sydney Game Fest, taking place from October 18-22.
Take a gander the new trailer here:

For more information about The Godfeather, visit 
To play the demo, visit the Steam page.

Bored with Baldur’s Gate? Try your claw at Birdle, a free puzzle game that looks like another game that rhymes with “birdle,” only with more poop.

About Hojo Studio

Hojo Studio was formed in 2013 by Rick Salter and Jola Szymanska, two designers from Sydney, Australia. Over time, we were joined by Stephanie Salter (executive producer) and Shoshana Lewis (community manager) to form a mighty team of four.
A Hojo project typically begins with imagining the weirdest concept we can, then pushing it as far and as seriously as possible. Charm, style and above all stupidity are at the core of everything we do. www.hojostudio.com.au
Article by: Susan N.



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