Who wants a look at some Project X Zone 2 info and assets?

Simply put: I do! I was a big fan of the original game upon its release on the 3DS, so I am quite curious to see where this sequel goes.

The press bits:


In the sequel to the original world crossing adventure, legendary characters from Japan’s most proliļ¬ c video game publishers come together to create the biggest mashup strategy game ever! Developed by MONOLITH SOFTWARE INC., Project X Zone 2 gives gamers the opportunity to play as their favorite characters from a multitude of franchises and form teams of characters hailing from classic and current franchises and engage enemies through strategic turn-based battles.

• Ultimate Team Up – Team up with classic characters from dozens of the most popular franchises in video game history
• Active Strategy Battles – Maneuver your characters into position and perform strategic attacks using different combinations in real time
• SEGA Smash – Featuring characters from YAKUZA: Dead Souls, the “Sakura Wars” series and “Virtua Fighter” series and more from SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd / SEGA Games Co., Ltd
• CAPCOM Commands – Featuring characters from Capcom’s franchises including the “Resident Evil” series, “Devil May Cry” series and “Megaman X” series
• BANDAI NAMCO Crossing – Includes characters from the “TEKKEN” series, Tales of Vesperia, and “.hack//” series from BANDAI NAMCO with more to come

PLATFORM: Nintendo 3DS™
GENRE: Strategy RPG
RELEASE: Early 2016
PLAYERS: 1 player
URL: http://www.bandainamcoent.com/ 

Everything else:

Article by Nick