Paradox is bringing us Stallaris

Paradox has been around for a time now and has a strong pedigree in the strategy genre. Their recently announced Stellaris could have potential.

Here is the presser:

We at Paradox are happy to introduce our latest project, where we will take Grand Strategy to the next level. Revealed at our Fan Gathering earlier this month during Gamescom, we officially announced Stellaris -- a pausable real-time strategy game where you explore and build an empire in a vast galaxy teeming with friendly and not-so-friendly alien species.

No two galaxies are the same! Stellaris is a grand strategy game with the depth and emergent storytelling you've come to expect from Paradox Development Studio. Send your science ships out to research anomalies and ancient ruins! Discover vibrant young civilizations like your own, as well as decadent fallen empires. Develop dangerous new technologies to help you overcome your opponents, but take care not to disrupt your entire way of life! Will you conquer and enslave your enemies or convince them to join you in a democratic Federation?

The world is already excited for Stellaris -- see why Rock, Paper, Shotgun has declared it the title that "Won Gamescom."

Article by Nick

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