Memorable Music in Gaming #34

We have a very PC-heavy dose of Memorable Music in Gaming this time around. However, there is one standout console title that racing fans are also sure to immediately recognize.

FTL: Fast Than Light (PC) - Last Stand

I love this particular track so much that when I attended a relative's wedding not too long ago, I played this on repeat on my earphones all night.

Yea, I'm not too good with talking to people I'm afraid

Pocket Tanks (PC) - Fabric of Time

Eliran Ben Ishai is among those composers that played a huge part during my childhood where video game music was concerned (others include Rom Di Prisco and Tommy Tallarico). There's a certain infectiousness to his songs that I love, and I still sometimes listen to his stuff to this day. I don't know for sure if Fabric of Time was composed specifically for this game or whether it was licensed, but whatever the case, it makes for one helluva ambience listening when you're mud-crapping the living shit out of the other tank.

Grounseed (PC-98) - Village

I have zero history with this game. Until a few months ago, I didn't even know such a game with this title even existed - and on a platform long forgotten by everyone, no less. I'm subscribed to a dozen VGM channels on YouTube and occasionally one of them uploads a bonafide gem: you know the one, where you keep looping it over until you or one of your household members gets real sick and tired of it.

Gotta love the lovely fm synth on this one!

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) - Sunset Haze

Smoother than caramel chocolate dripping off of a baby's bottom, lovelier than the ocean glistening in the setting sun, sexier than an orange Lamborghini cruising amongst palm trees. This beautiful piece of music sounds like Candy Dulfer mixed with a little Vangelis and sugar-coated with non-cheesy lounge music straight out of luxurious hotels.

SimCity 4 (PC) - By the Bay

Ah, what the heck, here's another relaxing, jazzy-esque, soothing music to compliment the previous one. That's how generous I'm feeling today.

Article by Hamza