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Video game development can be a world of its own either from large multi-million dollar companies to a few friends getting together in a garage or a room in a house. Regardless of where they come from, we cover them. Sadly there are only so many days and hours in a week. Most reviewing is done between Mondays and Fridays. So in order to not let certain amazing experiences fall through the cracks, we present to you, Sunday Bites.

Now these are not reviews and you'll never find previews from games further along in development or that we've gotten earlier in order to cover. Sunday Bites instead exists to bring you coverage of small demos and our impressions of what we think not unlike Balthazar's Dream and City of the Shroud that fit into this category and were Demos for Kickstarters.

They'll be small, to the point, and highlight where the product currently stands. Solo or joint development on a developer's site? Taken from a Kickstarter because they are trying to show it off? Or even once again sitting on a dev's site while they wait to be Greenlit on Steam while it's still a thing. Most of these are designed to give us a taste of what's to come and they'll be able to find a home here on Sunday afternoons.

That said, our first Sunday bite to showcase Tumbling Apart is coming in half an hour from Indie Developer Goodnamehere.

Article by Pierre-Yves


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