Week in Review - April 10th to 14th

Welcome back to the weekend and this Week's in Review!

We started monday off with We are the Dwarves. It has the potential with some edits to become even better or at a worst case make a stellar sequel. I'm hopeful!

"We are the Dwarves is the perfect example of a game that has all the elements to be something amazing but sadly falls short of that goal and not for a lack of trying. Unfortunately there were some of the elements that simply didn't work together but on their own with a different approach would have worked splendidly."
- PY

Tuesday saw something that we really don't see often around CGR. A Perfect, yes capital P, Perfect score. Needless to say that Nick loved his time with Persona 5.

" Jed: 'I love this game as much as Morgana loves cuddling up against treasure' "
- From Nick's Review

Wednesday saw a lower key release but in no way was it any less than the previous day. A Rose in the Twilight is a stellar experience and anyone with a Vita, or if you don't have one a PC, should pick this up if they love both Puzzles and works of art.

"This is not really something to be played outside in the middle of a sunny day but more for rainy days or as the day turns to night in order to truly appreciate how all the elements come together. It really is a work of art."
- PY

Thursday Nick broke out his VR headset with Tethered. It really sounds like something that those with VR headsets should check out.

"There are a few quibbles that hold this strategy game back from greatness, but for virtual reality fans, the good news is: this is an honest to goodness game, and it is a lot of fun as well."
- Nick

Yesterday, the start of the long weekend, the end of the week, the magical Friday saw our review on the latest entry into the Mass Effect series with Andromeda. With the love / hate relationship that this game has going for it, check out what Nick had to say!

"... despite its flaws, there is a perfectly solid, enjoyable game here. It might not live up to its namesake completely, but the foundation is here for better things from Bioware in future Mass Effect offerings"
- Nick

Finally! don't forget to check out our contest for your own copy of War for the Overworld!

Article by Pierre-Yves


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