Lead Your Civilization to Victory in ‘These Doomed Isles: The First God’, Coming in April

LONDON, UK – March 1, 2023
– Triplevision Games and Fireshine Games are excited to announce These Doomed Isles: The First God, a prologue chapter to survival city-builder These Doomed Isles, coming to Steam next month.

Available to download for free in April, These Doomed Isles: The First God invites players to wield the might of Cernunnos, the Celtic god of nature, as they grow their empire and lead their civilization to victory against waves of invaders and mythological creatures.

Craft your deck to place forests, mountains, buildings and more bringing the world to life with powerful cards, relics and miracles in the official prologue to this strategic, settlement-building roguelike.

Raise land and build a settlement for your followers while wielding Cernunnos’ power to rain down meteors on invaders or strike fear into them with lightning. Build your empire and provide your followers with resources, while stacking up powerful status effects to conquer your enemies and defend against incoming attacks.

Any progress made within These Doomed Isles: The First God can also be carried over to the main game, These Doomed Isles, by transferring your save data when it launches on Steam Early Access later in 2023.

Available later this year, These Doomed Isles will initially launch with 3 gods and civilizations, each with unique playstyles, aesthetics and abilities; over 20 enemy types and 10 bosses to slay; and over 250 cards to help build your empire. Improve your godly power and test your might against increasingly challenging enemies over 15 ascension levels, and discover more than 30 relics and curses to ensure every run feels different.

Add These Doomed Isles: The First God to your Steam Wishlist now to be notified of when it becomes available. For more information on These Doomed Isles, follow @DoomedIsles on Twitter or join the discussion on Discord.

About Triplevision Games

Triplevision Games Limited is a tiny gamedev studio with big ideas. We're focused on creating games with character that push classic genres in new directions.

About Fireshine Games

Fireshine Games is a global publisher of digital and physical videogames based in London, England. Originally established in 2014 under the name Sold Out, Fireshine Games works with studio giants such as Team 17, Rebellion and Frontier Developments as well as introducing new indie dev studios to the world like Pugstorm, Stonewheat & Sons, Spiral Circus, ColePowered Games and many more - publishing for physical and digital distribution. Fireshine is also part of the EG7 group of companies. For more information on Fireshine Games and its upcoming titles, visit the official website at fireshinegames.co.uk.


Article by: Susan N.