Strategic Mind 5 Soon On PC, Xbox, and PlayStation!

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty - the fifth installment of the saga is coming to Xbox, PlayStation soon after Steam.

Warsaw, Poland | March 22nd, 2023
- Klabater announces the fifth Strategic Mind installment, Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty, will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon after its PC release announced for 2023. Starni Games signed another porting and publishing agreement with the Polish publisher.

We are excited to deliver the entire Strategic Mind saga to PlayStation and Xbox war games fans thanks to the joint efforts of Klabater and Starni Games teams - said Ihor Tymoshenko, CEO of Starni Games. Being war history passionates and game developers, it is our fulfillment to share the history of WWII and allowing to dive into strategic thinking through our games. We are happy to see there is a niche on various platforms that continuously enjoys every other installment added to the saga - added Ihor Tymoshenko.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is a history-driven turn-based strategy game set in WW2. Players will lead the scarce Finnish forces through the armed operations of the Winter War, Continuation War, and Lapland War, opposing the so-called Red Menace forces.

A story from the legends, but in real history.

Watch the original Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty Gameplay Trailer from the official Starni Games YouTube channel

   Game name:

  •         Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty

   Release dates:

  •         Xbox: TBA
  •         PlayStation: TBA
  •         PC: 2023, WISHLIST NOW


  •         Consoles: Klabater
  •         PC: Starni Games   

    Previous installments:

Strategic Mind
series is a (hi)story-driven turn-based strategy set in the WW2 period. It offers refined wargame mechanics, story-rich gameplay, and modern 3D graphics. Strategic Mind games are famous for their distinction between sticking to historical events and so-called "what-if" scenarios giving players an unconventional approach to narrative.

Main Features:

  •     Experience heroic struggle and make tough choices.
  •     Play two campaigns: historical and “what if”.
  •     Immerse yourself into the (hi)story-driven gameplay.
  •     Create and grow the army of your own design, thanks to faithfully recreated historical units an upgradable models.
  •     Train your troops and choose equipment, while combining units, and acquiring diverse supplies.
  •     Manage your Headquarters between the operations and get promotions and awards increasing your Command points.
  •     Use elaborate combat mechanics to overcome any foe.
  •     Utilize the most advanced supply and infrastructure system in the genre.


Klabater is an indie game developer and publisher established in 2017, in Poland. With a catalog of 25+ games published on PC and consoles, the studio aspires to be a recognized and acclaimed porting and publishing partner for indie game developers.


Article by: Susan N.



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