E-Win 2.0 RGB Gaming Desk - Hardware Review

E-Win 2.0 RGB Gaming Desk
by manufacturer E-Win Racing—Hardware review written by Pierre-Yves with a unit provided by the manufacturer.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

One of the most important aspects to how we spend our lives is how well we are sitting to the tasks ahead. As fun as life would be if it was all about gaming and writing about gaming, they're still a fair amount of work to be done either behind the scenes or for one's 9-5. Back again for another collaboration with E-Win Racing, it was my turn and I'm pleased to present my time with their E-Win RGB Gaming Desk.

Note: The E-Win 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk was provided for review like the previous E-Win Knight Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair covered by Robert, however due to my location in Canada and outside of the United States, I covered the shipping costs in order to review this unit.

Now there's no denying it, space is a premium. Having had several desks over the past decade I've downsized once or twice in order to better accommodate the space that I had available to me. Once rocking a desk allowing me to have three 27" monitors side by side, I eventually wound up only really having the space for one of these after that desk was handed off to someone else like our news editor Susan. So for the past few years, I had been using an Origami Desk that easily folds and fits comfortably into my car for travel but the one issue is that it was never big enough to support my current monitor without an attachment hanging off of the back for the frame.

I am happy to say that while E-Win’s 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desks are only an inch larger than my Origami at 48” wide, it's deep enough at 26.8” to support even the most ridiculous sized monitor frames like Acer's X34 Predator line without having to worry about an extension. It just fits and the desk as a whole is a comfortable size for whatever sized room that you are thinking of setting it up in which is great if you like moving stuff around every six months like I do. I also appreciated the height as it allows for me to easily sit with my legs crossed and not hit into anything.

As for the gaming desks themselves, they have a solid build. Working off a combination of hard plastics and metal, the frame is a set of legs held together by two cross beams. Sitting on top of that is the desks surface which has a material both nice to the touch and making something like a mouse pad unnecessary as it doesn't get in the way of a mouse's optics. Can't comment on a trackball mind you as I'm sure some people are still definitely rockin' it old school. Perhaps the only issue that I may have with the surface of the desk is that it’s easy to smudge, but at the same time, it’s easy to wipe clean.

Before getting into the more shiny of features, I was happy that the feet of the desk were adjustable not only to be able to create an angle if you wanted one, but also to adjust to an uneven floor like the one that I am currently finding myself on. Just this alone can go a long way in order to make you comfortable for long periods at a time. Now in regards to the shiny features, this is an RGB Gaming Desk and located off to the front right is a built in pad that controls the lighting system of the desk that can be found both along the outer edge of the desk’s surface and along the leg’s outer frame.

The lights are neat. Starting off with quick rotating rainbow patterns, the colors can be switched up into a longer and more soft pattern as well as individual solid colors to meet any other ambience you may have set about the room. In my case, I had a lighter electric blue to match the chubby T-Rex that I have sitting on my desk as well as both my Razer keyboard, mouse, and the front of my desktop tower. The ambient light is a nice touch especially as the sun goes down as you don’t need a giant light on if you have one of these. Smaller lamps can easily do the trick or none at all if you do enjoy gaming with no other overhead lights on.

To help adjust the colors to your space is the ability to modify the brightness of the LED strips. As everything is connected, there’s only one button for both the ledge of the desk as well as the outer legs meaning you never have to wonder if you got both right, they will automatically match. Finally on the note of features, there are two pre-drilled holes at the back in which both can be allowed to run wires through, or if you wish, one of the two can have a module installed that acts as both a wireless charging station as well as an extra USB plug on top of the desk for a smartphone or tablet. In my current case, a chubby T-Rex for extra ambiance.

Lastly, and this is more for comfort and not taking up real-estate, there’s a swiveled cup holder that can be used to hold anything from small 360ml cans of pop to larger 500ml cans of tea or even a good old fashioned coffee mug for those early mornings or late nights. With two inner rings for each can type, whatever you put in there is fairly stable and doesn’t shift around as you either type or smack away at the mouse in a death match that you are trying not to lose.

In regards to the packaging and the assembly, the packaging was fairly solid and survived a good and apparently rough ride up here as while the outer box was dented and torn in a few, everything inside was pristine and well protected. Coming with a quick assembly guide, the only thing that I wish that it had was a few words to go along with the instructions but the pictures pretty much do the trick making the instructions fairly universal as there’s no translation that needed to be done. All in all, I think it took me just over about an hour to unplug everything, clear everything out of the way, pack up my old desk, unpack and build the new desk, and then put everything back on. Needing nothing more than the provided Alan Keys, it went smoothly.


So overall, after about two weeks of usage for writing, gaming and graphic design, I’m pretty happy with E-Win’s 2.0 Edition RBG Gaming Desk. It was easy to put together, it’s solidly built, the adjustable legs make it perfect for any flooring situation and the ambient lighting that it produces is a great added bonus.

Score: 9 / 10