Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - PC Preview

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
by developer and publisher Frontier Developments—PC (Steam) preview written by Robert with a copy provided by the publisher.

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Hi there, T1ckles here and I’m back for more Elite: Dangerous content!

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote about it and boy has it changed significantly since I last raced through Elite’s stars. In the six plus years since it first released to PC, Elite has grown in scope and scale (if it can be believed; it’s a huge game as it is!). We saw the introduction of the SRV, a recon vehicle that you can drive around on planets, the arrival of the Thargoids, an eerie alien race, and even saw the recent release of Fleet Carriers, but the one thing many Commanders were pining for… was space legs. The community fervor surrounding space legs has been a hotly contested point, especially when mentioning the other massive space game- no, not No Man’s Sky, though that does come up on occasion… I speak of Cloud Imperium Games’ (CIG) massive space title, Star Citizen. This comparison will inevitably be brought up no matter where you go; where folks are talking about Elite: Dangerous, they tend to beat on Star Citizen and the reverse is true, too.

I, for one, am a massive fan of both titles as each bring something unique to the table- with Elite: Dangerous – Odyssey, Commanders can now exit their ships to participate in FPS missions- in a relatively surprising twist, Frontier Developments have been pushing a phased roll-out for the ED: Odyssey Alpha and they are taking it nice and slow (at the time of this writing, we were in Phase 2) and are working to address concerns as fast as possible. How does it compare to the monstrous elephant in the room that is Star Citizen? Quite well actually- in a bit of a mix-up from my traditional writing, I’ve put together a video detailing some of the features, highlights, and concerns so head on over to our YouTube channel and check it out!

And once you’re done there, check out this raw footage of a similar mission-style in CIG’s powerhouse of a title:

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