What have I been up to? Some Gaming Thoughts...

It would seem like with me regularly working 55-65 hours a week over the last month, my dad visiting from Florida for a couple of weeks and the kids starting up on school again that I would be struggling to find time to play games, but that really has not been the case.  I think what I'm sacrificing (other than sanity) is sleep as a result.

Well, to start things off - lots of Madden, Dragon's Dogma and Double Dragon: Neon.  I wrote up a lengthy review for Madden recently, and I'm sinking a ton of time into it with a few different online franchises with different friends.  The Lions won last weekend and I had fun watching that last second win.  My dad and I also caught the 49ers/Packers and Steelers/Broncos games.  Likely more of the same to follow this weekend.

Another set of games I have been playing a lot of are The Pinball Arcade tables and more Zen Pinball 2 on my PS3.  My dad is a big fan of these games so it gives us a chance to play them.  I picked up the rest of the Zen Pinball tables and now have the entire collection.  Plants vs Zombies is probably the most popular with my family, though I was digging some of the Marvel tables.  A full rundown on Zen 2 and the various tables will be incoming somewhat soon.

Dragon's Dogma has been fun, if a bit generic as an action RPG title.  I was making some excellent progress on it while borrowing from a friend, but with the spike in work hours, visits, and a few other games that I was trying to get out and reviewed - that's the game that took the biggest hit.  I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

Double Dragon: Neon came out yesterday (and if you're a PlayStation Plus user, it along with the excellent Scott Pilgrim titles should satiate any beat 'em up interest you might be harboring.  Borderlands is still out there too for free.) and I got through the first few levels last night and plan to work on it a bit more this evening with the hope of having something reviewable within the next couple of days.  I have always enjoyed the genre, and have both the original Double Dragon arcade title on my 360 as well as my original NES Double Dragon games.

I also got the expansion for Orcs Must Die! 2, so I've been poking at that and should have my thoughts around shortly there too.

Mix this in with an unhealthy amount of Magic: The Gathering a few nights ago (my exalted deck is doing VERY well right now) and I've definitely been keeping busy.  What about all of you?  Anyone take in the NFL games last weekend?  Have a game or two you are really trying to get through right now?  Any interest in the new Double Dragon game or no? 


  1. Ohh.. I haven't gotten around to much gaming the past couple days.. ;_; But I've had a horrible cold that made my brain all mushy and incapable of concentrating on gaming, so it's only natural. ^^;

    Most of my gaming time has been going into Sims 3 lately.. *coughs* and I finished Runaway 3 with my P&C Adventure bestie, she's gonna come over tomorrow as well so I'll finally get to play some games again then. *g*

    Ohh and Scott Pilgrim on PS+, need to tell my lil bro to log onto my account and get it for me then... :D

  2. "I think what I'm sacrificing (other than sanity) is sleep as a result."
    Sounds like some coffee drinking might help with one of those sacrifices, not sure about the other one.

    As for the NFL games, no cable, no games. I did make sure to have my fantasy league updated, and kept track of the games (excellent Titans, lose your QB in the first!). I hear he's back this week though.........

    While I have Aaron Rodgers as my fantasy QB, I was glad to see the 49ers win that game, because I have a good friend that has always been a fan of the 49ers, and has stuck with them through all the rough years, and I have kept track of some of their players over the last several years for fantasy purposes.

    As for games, I've been making progress in Mutant Mudds, but need to get back to Batman on the PS3. As for Double Dragon, I remember playing the old one A LOT with my cousins, but haven't really touched one since back in the early 90s probably.

  3. I really liked Scott Pilgrim - make sure you nab that one. :) Sims 3 - that's pretty much my oldest's favorite game. I have it on PS3, but haven't really played it. Sorry to hear about the cold - I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Good morning.

    At least your league was updated! I have heard Locker should be back. The kid seems like he has potential, so I'd like to see him stay healthy. I'm afraid I have to wish the worst for your friend's favorite team this weekend, as they are going up against my Lions in the late game Sunday. :)

    When you were playing Double Dragon - was it the arcade one, or the NES one?

  5. Double Dragon was on the NES. As for Sunday, at least you will be able to say, "Yeah, when the 49ers went to the 2013 Super Bowl, that was the year the Lions gave them a good run for the money early in the season."

  6. Haha - I'd love to flip the script on those team names and where you used them in that sentence, but I suspect your original sentence has a higher likelihood of proving accurate.


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