Reminder: Contest for a free PSN game

I haven't gotten much traffic on this yet - good news and odds for the few who have.  I don't have much to toss out today - hoping to have a fairly decent review up Friday though.  In the meantime - the contest for Double Dragon: Neon for PSN:

This one's pretty simple.  A Double Dragon: Neon code for the PlayStation Network.  I reviewed the game back on Friday and have had a really good time with it.  That said, not everyone is a PlayStation Plus user and has access to it for free.  What are the rules for this contest?  Do one of three things:

- Comment below in this article
- Follow me on Twitter
- Follow me on Facebook

See how I put those little links in there and everything?  Good stuff, right?  Makes it real easy.  Then, just shoot me an email at and let me know how many of the above 3 things you did, and that's how many entries you get.  I'll hand this thing out sometime Saturday this upcoming weekend.  Normally a $10 game, now - free to the winner. :)  Can't make use of this code yourself?  Even if you can - show this site to a friend, and let them enter!


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