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June 19 - Paris, France – Why Not AI and Touched by Grace studios announce the launch of the Steam page for HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising, an oversized Lovecraftian narrative RPG scheduled for release in Q4 2023, and unveil its official trailer. In this psychological horror visual novel, your choices guide the troubled souls of Mark, Anna, and Victor, and write the destiny of humanity under threat in 1929.

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Immerse yourself in the twisted universe of H.P. Lovecraft with HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising. Step into the shoes of Mark, Anna, and Victor as they confront the cosmic threat of Nyarlathotep. Every decision you make shapes the story and determines their destinies. Prepare for an immersive experience with multiple endings that evolve based on your choices.

Dive into the haunting beauty of Lovecraft's world through detailed artwork that brings eerie environments and enigmatic characters to life. The visuals create a spine-chilling atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

HPL: Nyarlathotep Rising redefines the narrative RPG genre, offering an intense Lovecraftian experience. Challenge your sanity, unravel mysteries, and confront the darkest aspects of human nature. Will you overcome the horrors or succumb to the malevolent forces that threaten the world?

About Why Not AI

Why Not AI is a production company specializing in Animation and Interaction for video games, animated series, and tabletop games. Led by one of the founders of Cryo Interactive and Virgin Interactive France. Why Not AI's first video game, 'HPL-Nyarlathotep Rising', due for release in Q4 2023, was born out of our worst nightmares and our devotion to the worlds imagined by HP Lovecraft.

About Touched By Grace

Touched By Grace is a French videogame publisher, created by three videogame specialists, totalizing a lifetime experience in the entertainment industry, from development to distribution. Among others, the publisher is co-owner of the "HPL-Nyarlathotep Rising" license.
Article by: Susan N.



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