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Charade Maniacs by developer Idea Factory and publisher Idea Factory InternationalNintendo Switch review written by Natasha with a copy provided by publisher. Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from #keymailer #CharadeManicas

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Ever thought to yourself: “I wish I could be a part of a reality TV show.”?

Be careful what you wish for, because you might end up in an alternate world where you'll be forced to play drama skits in order to survive. Your only escape is to act. Refuse and you might find yourself a forgotten memory in the real world. You and your 9 other gorgeous male cast members will have to work together to be granted your wish of freedom.

Wait? You're telling me I'm stuck in a world full of sexy men and my only way out is to fling myself at them...?

I don't see the problem here?


An Alternate Script

Summer break is around the corner and our young school girl, Hiyori Sena, can't wait to throw away the books and put on that bathing suit to start her vacation. However, a different kind of vacation is waiting for our heroine. She, as well as as 9 other individuals, are transported to a different world, called Arcadia.

Kidnapped and confused everyone finds themselves in this vast and beautiful place. As they work to find a way out, they are greeted by a Masked Man, who explains that they have all been chosen to participate in a live Drama. If they choose to play along they will be rewarded with a wish. However, if they choose to ignore their scripted rolls they might find themselves disappearing from reality.

Will everyone get along or will Hiyori find herself trapped in this fake world forever?

A Roulette of Male Partners

Charade Maniacs has NO shortage of LI's (Love Interests). I haven't seen this many yummy--- I mean eligible bachelors since my days playing Hakuoki. With 9 choices to choose from you'll have your work cut out for you in order to see just how interesting each and every lover is.

Kyoya Akase

  • Follow the Leader

  • Honest to a Fault

  • My Hero

A student from a different school, he isn't shy to guide everyone in the right direction. He'll go out of his way to lend you a hand and try to make you smile or laugh when your feeling down.

Tomose Banjo

  • Childhood Friend

  • Over Protective

  • Drama King

Your best friend since kindergarten, you'll always feel safe with him around. As blunt and straight forward as he is, he will show you a much softer side when the two of you are alone. He dreams to become a great actor one day.

Mamoru Chigasaki

  • Soft and Squishy

  • Best Cuddler

  • Lover of Plants

This gorgeous dude is the closest thing to the princely type you'll get. His kindness and softly spoken words are just the right things to chase those anxious thoughts away.

Mei Dazai

  • Free Spirited

  • Lover of Cats

  • Night Owl

Tends to keep his distance from others at first, but once you open his heart you'll find someone who is keen on keeping you safe from anyone who causes you trouble.

Keito Ebana

  • Tsundere

  • Hates Girls

  • Master Chef

Our mean boy of the group, he barely gives anyone breathing room to talk. If you work hard to break down that ice cold wall around his heart you'll be surprised how charming he turns out to be.

Ryoichi Futami

  • College Guy

  • Good with his Hands

  • Sneaky Snuggler

One of the oldest guys in the group who has a bad habit of teasing others. Giving off big brother vibes you might find yourself relaxing around him, but don't drop your guard too low or else you'll be his next target to bully.

Souta Gyobu

  • Kissy Face

  • King of Table Top Gaming

  • IDGAF Attitude

Seen as the most laid back of the bunch, this senior sempai has an act to play-first-and-study-later. For someone who loves to joke around and flirt hard with you, he seems to fumble over his words when you flirt back.

Takumi Haiji

  • Shorty

  • Space Cadet

  • Lover of Ice Cream

A boy who doesn't have much to say and seems to look up to you as his big sister. If you're looking for someone who has bedroom eyes and is a great listener then maybe this baby blue boy is for you.

Mizuki Iochi

  • Pretty Boy?

  • Cocktail Enthusiast

  • Just keep the Ponytail

A fancy individual who loves to play the guessing game with their gender. Don't let that innocent voice fool you, because they can quickly turn up the heat when you least expect it.

A Punishment Game

You're probably wondering “Why not just refuse to participate?” in this kidnapping situation. Well, you certainly could, but you will be expected to take a punishment and they aren't very forgiving. Failing to cooperate and play along with The Mask Man, will get you a personal trait (like your voice, eyesight, hearing or emotions) taken away from you. After the 3rd refusal you'll be wiped from existence. Not only in the pretend world, but the real world as well. So think carefully about the consequences before you disobey your role.

Wish Upon a Trade

While being forced to do random skits for a mad man, you will be judged and graded upon your performance at the end of each scene. Collect enough points and you can use them to grant personal wishes. Even your freedom.

Freedom isn't cheap, though. Everyone will have to work hard in order to accumulate a gross amount of points. Each person is given their own points to collect, but you could pool them together, but you risk having to use them on only 1 person's freedom.

The points could also get you some sweet things like specific food, personal rooms (Ex: Bath house, Game room, etc.), really just about anything. In a space where almost anything is possible you're open to make the craziest wish... within reason.

A Futuristic Setting

The vibe I get from Charade Maniacs is high-tech. Everything is advanced in the way of living from how people take showers to the absolute creation of an artificial world. Even the act of being thrown into a drama scene, with your name and clothes changing in a blink of an eye. With this kind of technology humanity would be set.

I've never been one to enjoy Sci-fi settings myself, but if it's something that appeals to your preferred genre, then you're in the right ball park.

There's no Place like Home

To conclude, Charade Maniacs was an interesting concept. The only gripe I personally had was the pacing and the large roster of bachelors. But, isn't more better? Possibly. However, I found most of the LI's to be a little bland. Sure they have pretty faces, but sometimes that's all they've got going for them. Maybe I just got saddled with a game that had dudes that just didn't fall into my preferred standards. That doesn't mean that it won't be a great game for someone else. If you're looking for a title that gives you a crazy trip to a make-believe world where you're forced to be romantic in staged scenes with multiple hot strangers and a Mysterious Man breathing down your neck, then this Sci-fi adventure is perfect for you. I'm giving my personal rating of 6.5 out of 10, for all the pretty faces out there.

Score: 6.5 / 10


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