‘GINSHA’ Offers A Unique 2D Pixelart Action Adventure-Platformer On PC via STEAM & The Nintendo Switch

Bergdietikon (AG) Switzerland, July 17th 2023: Indie game developer Adrian Zingg publishing as PolarityFlow is proud to announce August 24th 2023 as the official release date for GINSHA, a truly unique atmospheric 2D Sci-Fi Action Adventure Platformer with special Gravity Shield and Dash mechanics coming to PC via STEAM in addition to the Nintendo® Switch. GINSHA combines a versatile Platformer Core with RPG, Souls and Crafting Elements to an Anomaly among Metroidvania games.

GINSHA challenges you to explore huge, interconnected planets full of secrets, loot, obstacles, different types of enemies and epic boss battles! You can level up, equip, and customize your Clone, craft companion drones, and enjoy ever evolving possibilities as you proceed to save your species. You can choose from a wide variety of weapon types and combine skills, dash, and gravity shield abilities to master the fast-paced combat system. Defend yourself against the overwhelming enemy forces and fight on ground, in the air, underwater and in space in hundreds of challenging environments. Your split-second decisions will affect your surroundings and karma for new possibilities and endings; make new friends or foes among your way, find epic gear, and unlock new shortcuts.

GINSHA offers 6 distinctive planets to explore, and you must discover your own path to save your species. Your clone is equipped with a scanner that allows you to scan everything you'll find on your journey. Collected data will be stored in an in-game wiki and can be used to unlock upgrades, create advanced gear and to build & simulate your own Worlds once you've gained access to the betaverse. You can choose to play good or evil in the unique Alien Couple Story and dive into an epic journey, driven by rewarded Exploration. Or you can opt to play as two Alien lifeforms “Gin” and “Gon” and unveil the mystery of our dying planet in a far future.


  • Fully customizable versatile Platformer Core
  • Unique Directional Gravity Shield Mechanics
  • Huge Open World full of Secrets and Easter eggs
  • Fast Paced Combat with Free Aim or Aim Assist
  • RPG Mechanics, Quests and Inventory System
  • Be good or evil - Dialogue & Karma System
  • Companion Drones, Crafting & Survival Elements
  • A wide variety of Weapon Types, tools, items and gadgets
  • Unique Alien Couple vs Symbiont Story
  • Scan & Rebuild Mechanics with InGame Wiki
  • Driven by Rewarded Exploration and infinite Replayability

An XBOX® version of the game is currently in the works and will be released soon!

Developer Website https://www.polarityflow.com
Game Website https://www.ginsha.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/zetapps
Twitter https://twitter.com/PolarityFlowDev
Discord https://discord.com/invite/sgtkP4Mzsj
Instagram https://instagram.com/polarityflowdev
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@polarityflow
YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/PolarityFlowStudio


Article by: Susan N.



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