Samsung Galaxy Store Exclusives Honor Bruce Lee’s Legacy with BYTE CITY!

Samsung Galaxy Store customers can look for a 30% off discount on all IAP items from July 25 to Aug 31.

BYTE CITY is honoring martial arts legend Bruce Lee’s upcoming 50th tribute and bringing the first Bruce Lee mobile metaverse experience exclusively to Samsung Galaxy Store.
This is the first-ever appearance of Bruce Lee in a metaverse, offering fans a unique way to engage with the legend. This partnership is particularly significant as July 20th, 2023, marks the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee's passing.

“We are excited to bring this meaningful and engaging moment to Samsung Galaxy users“, says Roy Liu, Co-founder of BYTE CITY. “In this event, you will be immersed with some exclusive clips of Master Bruce Lee’s early life. But also you can write best wishes to Bruce Lee on a virtual lantern and send them to the sky, the messages will then be stored on distributed ledgers forever - this is how we plan to immortalize the culture icon among all of us.”
“We are excited to collaborate with BYTE CITY to bring more fun and engaging metaverse experiences to Samsung Galaxy users”,
--says Jong Woo, VP and Head of Game Services Group at Samsung. Samsung Galaxy exclusive in-game avatar Galaxy Nova is also available to all Samsung smartphone owners through BYTE CITY.
During this event, Galaxy Store users will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive in-app purchase packs for $9.99 which contain:

  •     Special Bruce Lee Virtual Avatar
  •     Upgrade Chips
  •     Virtual Currency

In addition, Galaxy users who check back every day for the first seven days of the promotion will get a special gift worth $50.

This special event will run from July 20th - August 13th, 2023.

For more information please follow BYTE CITY’s twitter and discord.

Download BYTE CITY from the Samsung Galaxy Store here.

Article by: Susan N.



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