Valkyrie Jam 2023 - 10 Days of Game Development

Boden, Sweden July 21. Valkyrie Jam is a ten-day game jam for women and non-binary game developers and a fourth run for the 2023 edition is in full swing at the ancient Peetgården in Sävast.

Started by Jenny Nordenborg in 2018, it has grown with each iteration and features international talent with star developers from all sorts of well-known games, both big AAA and smaller Indie titles.

By bringing talented developers together in this safe and supportive event, we're helping to reignite their passion for making games in an industry that suffers from a high rate of minority burnout. This burnout is often the result of a career full of struggles to be heard, not having your skills trusted, and rarely having your achievements recognized.

Lack of diversified leadership also means that diverse developers entering the industry lack mentors, and that projects and studios lack diverse voices at critical moments. That's why preventing minority burnout is integral to preserving and investing in the diverse future of game development. That's why #ValkyrieJam exists - to help renew the energy and drive within our already diverse talent industries.

- We are Valkyries, and we will continue to make great games!

About Boden Game Camp

Boden Game Camp is a hub and a completely unique ecosystem for the game industry in Boden. Currently there are over 300 students here attending various game developing educations in the state-of-the-art facilities.

Boden Game Camp is an integrated part of Boden Business Park. Students from all over the world attend with excellent prospects for a career in the digital industry of the future. Boden Game Camp also home to Norrland's first game incubator. This initiative has resulted in a growing number of gaming companies establishing themselves at Boden Business Park.

Article by: Susan N.



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