Solo Developed Indie Game Mercury Fallen Leaving Early Access August 22, 2023

Discover the fate of your colony in the Planetary Repairs Update

Lowell, MA July 10th, 2023 - Nitrous Butterfly announced today that Mercury Fallen, the solo-developed sci-fi colony management game, will be leaving early access on August 22, 2023. The major content update for Mercury Fallen delivers a conclusion to its primary campaign story as well as new missions, structures, resources, achievements and more. The Planetary Repairs update will also include quality-of-life changes, UI improvements and fixes to reported issues.

Mercury Fallen Features:

  •     Above & Below: Dig out, construct and manage an underground facility that expands onto the planet's surface. Send out expeditions to make new discoveries.
  •     Story Campaign: Uncover the mystery of an ancient civilization as you work to establish a permanent settlement on an alien world.
  •     Room Management: Build many unique room types to provide various services to your colonists.
  •     Colonist Management: Manage colonist job roles, schedules, training and more. Each colonist has a unique set of personality traits and quirks.
  •     Research & Development: Manage the acquisition and production of numerous resources as you unlock new discoveries and research new technologies.
  •     Robots & Vehicles: Construct robots and surface vehicles to aid in exploration, transportation and resource gathering.
  •     Modding Support: Create and use custom content via the Steam Workshop including new translations, artwork and functionality.

To learn more and keep up to date with the latest news regarding Mercury Fallen, visit the game’s Steam page, follow the official account Twitter, join the community on Discord, or visit the Mercury Fallen website.

About Nitrous Butterfly

Nitrous Butterfly is an independent entertainment software and technology company based in Lowell, Massachusetts, founded in 2003. The company is owned and operated by Tim Pelham, an indie developer and asset content creator. The company has released PC video game titles and several developer content packs. Nitrous Butterfly is best known for its popular sci-fi colony management title Mercury Fallen

Article by: Susan N.



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