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LOS ANGELES, CA., July 2, 2023 – We are excited to announce the immersive work-life otome title, Sympathy Kiss, will be arriving physically and digitally in North America and Europe for the Nintendo Switch™ early 2024. Fans can mix business with pleasure as a modern-day office worker in this workplace fantasy otome title headed to the west for the first time!

Step into the shoes of Akari Amasawa, the newest designer at the app developing company Estario. Upon receiving your first annual performance review, you are tasked with breathing new life into the company's flagship app: Estarci, which is under threat of closure within the next six months.

While you don't dislike your job, you're not deeply passionate about it either. With up to 6 romanceable characters, perhaps passion lies elsewhere in the workplace.

From the director (Hiroe Aoki) and artist (Fujirito) of Lover Pretend comes an immersive office drama set in Japan. Can you rise to the challenge and save Estarci? Will you find office romance along the way?


Sympathy Kiss will soon be available for preorder from retailers. Fans can check out the official website to see where they can preorder physical editions of the game. The Nintendo eShop page will go live at a later date.

Sympathy Kiss will be getting a Limited Edition, offered exclusively through the IFI NA and European Online Stores. The contents of the Limited Edition, as well as the preorder date, will be revealed at a later time. Those who purchase either the Standard Edition or Limited Edition at the IFI Online Stores will also receive an EXCLUSIVE trading card!

Fans can wishlist the Sympathy Kiss Standard or Limited Edition on the IFI NA Online Store today!

About the Game 

About a year has passed since Akari Amasawa started her new job as a designer at Estario, a mobile app maker. While she doesn’t dislike her job, she’s not deeply passionate about it either. After her yearly performance review, she’s given the opportunity to join the Estarci team. 

The company’s namesake app, Estarci is a news app that made a big splash when it launched, but has since fallen behind rival apps, including apps run by Estario itself. Management has decided to give the app one last chance before shutting it down for good, and Akari and all of her new co-workers will need to give it their all to save the app from the chopping block. 

Will Akari find true love? Will she find what it is she wants to do in life? Will the app get shut down? Wait, was Akari only given this opportunity because the company was looking for an excuse to fire her?! 

Business and pleasure mix in Sympathy Kiss, a thrilling office romance and slice-of-life drama! 

Key Features 

#POV: You Are A Modern-Day Office Worker in Japan – Explore your career opportunities and work with up to six love interests. See through the eyes of a Japanese career woman and experience full immersion in a contemporary workplace setting where the fantasy can be found in the breakroom. 

Call or text if you need me! – Increase productivity, or dabble in some friendly office banter by maintaining contact with romanceable characters using the RiNG system. Respond to text messages and take fully-voiced calls from your favorite love interests. 

Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve – Some decisions require you to express how you feel through the Emotion Select system. Pick from two of a total of five emotions: Happy, Angry, Troubled, Sad, and Indifferent. Your selected emotions can influence future conversations. Your love interests will always remember to consider your emotions. 

 A Happy Worker Is A Productive Worker! – Use the Love/Work system when making decisions to balance your work life and social life. Increase your Work Points or Love Points with each decision by choosing whether you will prioritize your career or romance. This will influence the outcome of your route and the ending.

Product Information

Title: Sympathy Kiss
Console: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: Early 2024
Release format: Physical, Digital
Genre: Visual Novel
Player(s): 1
Voiceover option(s): Japanese
Language Format (Subtitles): English

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Article by: Susan N.