Shadows of Esteren prepares for several upcoming product releases

A new video game? A music album? Gaming accessories and more? All of these based on a horror scenario? Sign me up - I've always had a weak spot for horror movies, games and books. Hot on the heels of yet another successful Kickstarter and Ulule campaign, Agate RPG has some pretty big announcements to share.

Here is what they said in their press release:

Agate RPG, publisher of the popular medieval horror roleplaying game Shadows of Esteren, is thrilled to confirm today the production of Shadows of Esteren: Occultism, the music album Rise, the Shadows of Esteren Cuisine cookbook, and the Shadows of Esteren: Bestiary PDF. This news comes as the indie game company successfully completes their 5th Kickstarter campaign, and 3rd Ulule campaign, raising $160,000, more than 650% of their fundraising goal.

Agate RPG also announces today that the first video game based on the Shadows of Esteren universe, The Mac Lyrs’ Legacy, is entering its last stages of development, and fans can expect a Beta release in Spring 2015. The Mac Lyrs’ Legacy will be reminiscent of “old school” point and click games like Broken Sword or Monkey Island. While no further details will be announced at this time, the first-look screenshot is released today.

Shadows of Esteren: Occultism is a 120-page “thema”, or sourcebook, to accompany the Shadows of Esteren RPG. Occultism details professions related to esotericism and mysticism, and includes game aids, rules, a new scenario “A Tidy Room”, as well as a 15-song music album, Rise, the third album in the universe of Shadows, following Of Men and Obscurities and Dearg. Backers of the Kickstarter will also receive a special edition of the Occultism book, with cover art by Yoann Lossel.

Long-requested by fans of Shadows of Esteren, a Bestiary PDF will now come to life as a result of the recent Kickstarter. Up to 20 creatures from the world of Esteren will be featured, along with full game aids to help GMs create their own monsters.

"Shadows of Esteren wouldn’t exist without the amazing support we’ve received through the community on Kickstarter,” says Nelyhann, Creative Director. “What was once a seemingly impossible dream is now becoming a reality, and we can’t thank our backers enough for giving us this chance to achieve it.”

Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths, this universe has a discreetly fantastic side hidden under a bleak, realistic surface. This world is populated with humans who have to cope with tough daily lives, and face a supernatural threat lurking in the dark. With the focus of its adventures being investigation and survival, Shadows of Esteren favors an immersive mood, and interactions among the Players.

Shadows of Esteren is a truly unique success story, which can be read about in the blog. The game has won three ENnies (Best Art (Gold), Best Production Value (Gold), and Product of the Year (Silver), as well as Best Art from Diehard Gamefan for the third year.

And we have a handful of images to share as well:

Shadoows of Esteren: Occultism cover by Yoann Lossel

Gourmadises des Carpates, the shadows of Esteren Cookbook

Image from the Shadows of Esteren Bestiary

Screen capture from the upcoming video game

Article by Nick

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