Mekazoo is still a ways off - but here are some assets

Not slated to land until later this year, Mekazoo looks like it could be really fast fun. I was reminded of older Sonic games when watching part of the trailer.

Here's the presser:

The Good Mood Creators will deliver fast-paced platformer action with beautiful graphics and captivating music with Mekazoo. This 2D platformer in a vibrant 3D world will be available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U in Q4 2015. 

Players control up to five different mekanimals: the speedy armadillo, acrobatic frog, springy wallaby, sturdy panda and high-flying pelican.  Each character has its own skill, allowing them to access areas the others cannot.

Mekazoo's emphasis is on free-flowing speedy gameplay.  The stylish mekanimals come in pairs, allowing gamers to switch which one they control at any given time.  In their quest to restore order to the mekasphere players must swing, boost, bounce, climb and fly their way through beautiful environments to defeat the insectoid army.

The game begins with the speedy armadillo awakening to discover his friends have been transformed into gigantic mekanimal bosses.  Upon defeat epic bosses return to their spunky selves and are unlocked as playable characters. 

Players are immersed in a gorgeous 3D world and control the action from a side-scrolling perspective.  When the path the mekanimals travel takes a turn, the dynamic camera shifts with them, maintaining a side-view and providing new vantage points of the lush environments and detailed characters. 

"Mekazoo is inspired by the platformer classics we spent every second with after school, like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country," said Jarrett Slavin, creative director, The Good Mood Creators. "We are combining all the lessons learned from those masterpieces and the innovative ideas we've spent decades brainstorming to deliver the game we wish existed since we were kids."

And here are some screenshots:

And lastly, that trailer I mentioned:

Article by Nick

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