Bossa Studios shows off some very early Worlds Adrift footage

This is very early footage of the upcoming game from the makers of I am Bread and Surgeon simulator, but it certainly looks promising at this point.

From their blog post:

In the next few weeks we’ll be getting some really cool stuff in and then we’ll be able to give a broader overview of the game as a whole, and be able to explain how we imagine everything fitting together. But today we’re going to use this footage as a good opportunity to talk a little bit about a couple key features to the game.

One thing that’s always been really important to the vision of the game is the atmosphere. Lots of things contribute to how you feel when you’re in a game, but perhaps none more than the art style. Besides stylizing everything with low poly counts and flat colors, we’re trying to make sure the soft dynamic lighting gives Worlds an illustrated feel. You’ll see in the video the day/night cycle gives the environment a different feel during the day and compared with the night. The game will also definitely play differently depending on the time of day.

You’ll notice the character now has a multitool in his left hand. This is how you perform most basic tasks in the game, including all harvesting, repairing, most crafting, etc.

One of the first craftable things we implemented (that wasn’t related to ships) was the crossbow. The projectiles even behave like real physics objects! Allows for some real shenanigans during testing.

That’s all from us this week. Definitely head over to the new Feedback Wall that’ll let you guys offer your thoughts and suggestions, and then vote on which pieces of feedback you’d like us to pay more attention to.

Lastly, be sure to subscribe to our new Worlds Adrift YouTube channel, where all these future videos will go.

And the trailer:

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