Play RPG Maker VX Ace for free this weekend on Steam

I love RPG Maker. I have sunk a ridiculous amount of time into that series over the years personally, so when I see that it is being offered up on Steam for the weekend? I can't help but want to point people toward it.

On top of that - if you like what you see? Well, you can get it a bit cheaper than normal. Seriously - if you have some time this weekend, you should check this out.

Our friends at Steam have just featured RPG Maker VX Ace in their free weekend. This means that until Sunday at 1PM PST you can play RPG Maker VX Ace for free on Steam.
If you’ve been on the fence, now is a great time to take another look at Ace and decide for yourself.

Until Monday morning, you’ll also be able to pick up RPG Maker VX Ace and all of the DLC for 75% off!

Article by Nick