Win a copy of Mugen Souls Z for PS3

That's right - we have a pair physical PS3 copies of this awesome JRPG available for you to win!

This contest is an easy one to win as well. 3 simple things to do:

- Follow our good friends at NIS America on Twitter right here

- Next, let's go ahead and like their Facebook page as well.

- Lastly, just email us at

Very easy, it keeps you in the loop for future NIS America updates. If you are already following both of those pages, just email me and let me know that as well. We will verify that you did do both, however.

Afterward we will run the names through a random number generator and I will email the two winners and ask for shipping addresses. Then I will be sending out physical copies of the games afterward.

We will be running this contest through 5PM, EST on Friday, May 30th.

Our one restriction? US residents only for this one, sorry.

If you haven't already seen it, here is our review for Mugen Souls Z. Long and the short of it? It's a fun JRPG and hey - you can pick it up for free if you just take the time to do the three steps above.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and good luck!

Article by Nick

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