Win NoScope Demon Series Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses have become quite popular of late, and for good reason. With all of the hours we spend in front of televisions and monitors, we can put an inordinate amount of strain on our eyes. NoScope Demon Series Gaming Glasses offer a lower price point when competing against the popular Gunnar series.

Still, seeing is believing as they say, and everyone's eyes seem to be different. I myself feel very little eyestrain despite the fact I sit in front of a computer far too much for my own good. Our reviewer Robert however, felt as though the glasses provided a good deal of comfort and relief for his eyes when he scored them a 9.5 out of 10.

So, have you been curious about these types of gaming glasses in the past, but not put any money down toward them yet? If so - we have a contest for you, because we are giving away one pair (US Residents only I am afraid).

All you need to do is email us at That is the bare minimum to get you one entry for the contest. Want additional entries?

Follow us on Twitter and/or on Facebook for an additional entry each. Already doing so? Let me know in the email you send us.

Want even more entries? Refer a friend to us. Have a buddy email us (or better yet, also follow us on Twitter or Facebook) and you both get those bonus entries.

We will run this contest through Monday May 23rd, 5pm EST, which is when I will run the entries through a random number generator. If you are the winner, I will email you back for your shipping address. Pretty easy, and a low-risk way to try these out.

Curious about the glasses? Here is the FAQ From their site that attempts to answer those questions for you.

Article by Nick

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