Win a pair of 3DS games!

We have two different games available in this contest - Fishdom H2O : Hidden Odyssey and Bubble Pop World. Both are downloadable 3DS games from Cryponia.

We have multiple sets to give out, and each winner gets a copy of each game. What do you have to do to enter? It's pretty easy. One thing to remember - these are North American codes only. Sorry if you are one of our overseas readers. We will have more for you soon, I promise!

- Minimum requirement: You have to email us at (otherwise, I won't know how to contact you to give you your code)

- Additional entries can be earned by following us on Twitter and/or on Facebook for an additional chance each

- Refer a friend to us: Have a friend who is not following us? If they email us to enter themselves and say they were referred by you, you get an extra chance as well!

We will run this contest through May 28th, 5PM EST.

That's it. So give us a shout out if you're willing. The more people who participate and share these contests out, the more often we will be able to offer them!

Article by Nick

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