Panzer Tactics HD release information

We enjoy our strategy and simulation games here at CGR, and Panzer Tactics HD looks like it may scratch that particular itch nicely from what we have seen so far. Its release is coming up very quickly as well!

Here is the press release:

In order to hold up troop movements, disrupt supply routes and to destroy industrial facilities you have to control the airspace. With the third “Intelligence Report” proven hardcore strategists and rookies of Panzer Tactics HD today will get useful insights and information about the Allied aircrafts that you will lead into battle in the final campaign. The following “Intelligence Report” will provide more useful information about the tactical influence of weather and terrain types.
The PC version of Panzer Tactics HD will be available on STEAM (PC) and on other platforms like Gamersgate and Uplay on the 22nd of May for the price of 29.99 € / 29.99 $ / 22.99 £. At the same time, the iPad version of Panzer Tactics HD will be released on the iTunes Store for the price of 7.99 € / 8,99 $ / 5,99 £. 

Panzer Tactics HD lets you experience intense battles in three extensive campaigns with more than 150 units and countless tactical options, offering hours of gaming fun. In 2008, Panzer Tactics for the Nintendo DS won the German Developer Award for the best console game. Panzer Tactics HD offers all the tactical depth and the hard-hitting gameplay of the original with progressive levels of difficulty and three single-player campaigns.

And a few screens in the meantime:

Article by Nick

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