Last Chance - win Titan Attacks for PS3/PS4/Vita

Okay everyone - last chance to win this contest before we end it tonight at 5PM EST. That is five hours from when this post went live. Own a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or a Vita? Or better yet all three? Then you really should enter this contest, because one code unlocks any and all three of those platforms!

We really enjoyed the game - you can view our review of it here.

The rules to enter? Incredibly easy. You need to send us an email saying you want to be in the contest. That's the minimum. That way? I know how to get back to you should you win. No other reason for your email addresses, I promise.

- Minimum requirement: You have to email us at

- Additional entries can be earned by following us on Twitter and/or on Facebook for an additional chance each

- Refer a friend to us: Have a friend who is not following us? If they email us to enter themselves and say they were referred by you, you get an extra chance as well!

Five hours... and counting. Good luck!

Article by Nick

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