Freaking Meatbags looks like it could be hillarious

Set in a futuristic world where robots have jobs and humans are pretty much relegated to standing around chatting among themselves, the early notes on Freaking Meatbags looks like it will be a mix of strategy and action - with a heavy dose of humor.

Here is the description:

Greetings, humans!

Are you tired of doing everything by yourself? Wouldn't it be great if you could genetically modify people to explode on contact or shoot laser beams out of their eyes or do your job for you? If you've ever pondered these existential questions (or you agree with me that base-building was always the most fun part of an RTS), hit me up for a Freaking Meatbags review/preview/whatever you call an Early Access game in your neck of the woods code.

You're also free to stream, do capturing, and otherwise entertain yourselves.

Freaking Meatbags will hit Early Access tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

See here if you're not completely sold on implanting brain slugs into humans.

Current Features:

•Fuse alien and human DNA: Create hybrids with special alien abilities by mixing DNA from two different meatbags. A human is useful, but a human with a rocket launcher arm is even more useful.
•Build offensive and defensive structures: Hold back the wild robot hordes with lasers, missiles, bolts of electricity and your very own personal attack drones. 15 unique structures to create and upgrade.
•Enhance your base with technology: Influence the battlefield and manage your base with nine different pieces of buildable technology. Need to heal yourself? There's tech for that. Want to build drones? Tech for that, too!
•Motivate your meatbags: The humans usually do what you ask. Unless they're tired or bored or just plain apathetic. Fortunately there's plenty of alien biotechnology you can implant to give them a little encouragement.
•Robotic enemies: Nobody knows where the wild robots come from, but they sure are well armed. Eight unique enemy types that range from creepy crawly things to dashy explodey things.
•Boss robots: Three sinister bad guys to take out with your turrets. One of them has a giant brain. How do you figure it got in there?
•Multiple planets and environments to explore
•Four alien species to encounter, chat with and steal DNA from
•One giant trans-dimensional space squid

Future Updates:

•New structures to build, including a Magnetic Wall, Matrix Mega Laser, Poison Plate and Tower Booster.
•Two new meatbag types to create: jetpack and zombie.
•New enemy robots to crush, including Exploding Robots and Robot Eggs. That's right, eggs!
•Four new planets to clean up.
•Full-featured map editor.
•Linux and Mac ports.
•A crazy pirate.

And a quick trailer:

Article by Nick

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