Aspire: Ina's Tale Is Out on Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox!

17 December 2021 – Warsaw, Poland + Porto Alegre, Brazil
| Untold Tales and Wondernaut Studio have released the evocative yet delicately twisted Aspire: Ina’s Tale. The game is out now on Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.


Trapped in perpetual slumber inside the cruel Tower that feeds off the dreams of its victims, one prisoner awakes. Lost inside the Tower’s inner chambers, the heroine Ina must now search for a way out. Along the way, she’ll traverse marvelous scenery, meet enigmatic characters, solve intuitive puzzles, and conquer platforming sequences as she comes closer to her goal - but farther from innocence.


     Xbox One: Midnight local time

     Nintendo: EU: 3:00 pm CET

     Nintendo US: 9:00 am PST

     STEAM: 7pm CET / 10:00 AM PST


EXPLORE A LIVING TOWER: Get lost in a mystical side-scrolling adventure through beautiful sprawling levels, each with their own distinct feel. Every region presents its own peculiarities to unravel.

ENGAGING STORY: Ina's dreams shape reality while the Tower feeds. Hopes and imagination satiate its hunger. How are the two connected?

MEET THE TOWER DWELLERS: Learn about the other denizens of the Tower as you search for the truth. Uncover their pasts, their memories, and set them free.  

CONTROL SPIRITS: Ina was trapped for a reason, and her powers resonate with the spirits that inhabit the Tower. Use them to manipulate objects, solve puzzles, reveal hidden passages, and navigate the environment to find your way out.

Article by: Susan N.



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