Dysmantle – PC Review

by developer and publisher 10tons Ltd.PC review written by Pierre-Yves with a copy provided by the publisher on the initial preview.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Having been in Early Access for some time, 10tons' open world survival Dysmantle recently saw a full release. Having covered it back in April, what I had seen was already a very solid experience making me wonder what exactly was left to be done.

And the answer to that question was in their roadmap which was to refine what had already been done and then finish up the rest of the world to be explored while potentially also adding in new twists. This left me with one thing on my mind as I picked up version 1.0. What do I even say? Generally moving from a preview to a review there are loads to say but in this case I would honestly do two things. The first is to tell you to read said preview linked above and the second would be to do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. It's worth it.

Combining a relaxed pace of open world survival with a destructible element within a post-apocalyptic setting, Dysmantle is a perfect title to sit down and relax in either short bursts or long sessions as either works well. It’s because of this that it’s an easy recommendation to make and I’m happy to have been able to sit back down to it and restart the adventure in a fresh save file.


So overall, if you’re looking for an open world survival adventure, 10tons’ Dysmantle would be a good place to look regardless if you prefer to be hunched over with a keyboard and mouse or with your feet up on the coffee table with a controller in hand. Both work great in order to explore this post-apocalyptic world that you’ll find yourself within.

Score: 8 / 10



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