Become the Ultimate Champion in Real Boxing 2!

Take the fight to the next level in award-winning Real Boxing™ 2. Train hard, fight harder. Prove your worth in the career and multiplayer mode.

Discover a whole new world of combat sports games. As a newbie boxer, challenge experienced opponents and try to win and score a KO! Explore the world of boxing and make your way to the top. You can become the boxing champion, the best warrior of all time! So get ready to punch, and punch hard! Discover what you’re made of, and try to climb to the top.

Become the ultimate champion! Use jabs, hooks, uppercuts & combine them into devastating combos.



Before you KO your opponent, you need to improve your fighting skills! Adjust your boxer's stats to match your playstyle and level up quickly to unlock new abilities that will help you in fights to come! Equip powerful boosts to make your dream come true. As in all fighting sports, it's best to enter the punch-out and serve a smackdown with style, so gear up - equip one of the tens of boots, trousers, and gloves. Get ready - a KO is in the air!


Train your fighter in exciting mini-games that reflect real-life boxers’ training and develop your character! You need to leave a lot of sweat in your training hall to be a champion. No one said it would be an easy challenge!


Real Boxing 2 allows you to customize your fighter! Choose your outfit, get a new tattoo and even change your haircut. Adjust all the aspects of the fighter’s body, from mass and muscle sculpture to nose shape.


Take on the unique type of challenging opponents! Clown?

Check. Santa? Yeah, he's there.

Golem from the shard of a mountain?

You bet. Defeat them all and claim their epic gear!

So, do you like fighting games: boxing, wrestling, MMA?

Join the club, create your boxer, and start your boxing career - get into Real Boxing 2 – the ultimate experience among fighting games

About QubicGames:

QubicGames is an independent game publisher and developer. Outside of creating our own IPs, we can bring your game to Nintendo Switch (we have been working with Nintendo since 2006!) and other platforms, such as PC or PS4. We have over 17 years of experience in our field, working on various projects - from small to big, both single and multiplayer.

About Vivid Games:

Vivid Games is one of the leading Polish mobile game developers.

For over a decade we’ve been working on some amazing games including Real Boxing, the world’s best and most recognizable mobile boxing franchise. We’ve been recognized for our achievements as the “Best Indie Developer”, “Best Polish Game of the Year”, and with Apple’s prestigious “Editors’ Choice”.



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