Resistance Games and Firesquid Game Announce Ambitious Strategy Game 'Great Houses of Calderia'

Paris / France / December 15th, 2021 –
New Franco-Swedish publisher, Firesquid Games, and Finnish developer, Resistance Games, have now officially announced Great Houses of Calderia, an ambitious grand strategy game that invites would-be rulers to claim their own birthright while maintaining deep and complex bonds with family and bordering houses.

Set to hit Steam Early Access in 2022, Great Houses of Calderia is Crusader Kings III meets Game of Thrones. Run your house and interact with your family to successfully form diplomatic relations with neighboring houses. It’s up to you to secure your family’s future and secure your legacy: will your family’s rule be remembered as a beloved dynasty or an eerie distant memory as an age of tyranny? The choice is yours.

Players take on the role of one of the many great houses of Calderia. It’s more than just ruling as a leader, but maintaining an entire family full of unique characters that can act of their own volition during your reign, bringing dynamism and immersion to the game. The stakes are high when it comes to sending your family across the land of Calderia, as based on their actions, they can cause ripples in forged alliances.

Great Houses of Calderia will support mods on release, allowing the community to forge their own stories centered around its unique world. Players are encouraged to share their unique experiences and tell their own stories for a focused, highly replayable experience, allowing users to have fun managing their own dynasties.

Great Houses of Calderia can be wishlisted now on Steam, and would-be rulers can begin building their legacies when the game enters Early Access in the first half of 2022. While you wait, be sure to join the official Discord server to talk with the developers and other users to share the vision of your legacy. What kind of ruler will you be?

Key Features:

     Real-time tactical resources management system gives players strategic control in both battles and social conflicts

     Organize trade agreements and send delegations to your competing houses

     Define the traditions of your family over generations and gain unique advantages and weaknesses

     Appoint your family members to key tasks in your delegations to trade, spy, negotiate and lead your armies. Organize marriages and secure your succession

     Key characters have their own personality shaped by the events they will face impacting their willingness and ability to serve you right

     Hundreds of unique events with important decisions to take in order to tackle a wide range of situations from diplomacy to war to the personal journey of family members

     Assign key characters to oversee productions of a Fiefdom to specialize your economy to gain competitive advantage

     Discover the fantastic land of Calderia and solve its legends and myths

     Create your own unique stories with native mod support available at launch

Article by: Susan N.



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