Scheduled for Late 2022 VR Survival Horror Has a New Title in the Propagation Universe

Lyon, France, December 3, 2021
- At the UploadVR Showcase 2021, WanadevStudio, home of the hit VR rhythm game Ragnarock, announced a new VR title from the Propagation VR franchise.

After making a name for itself with a first original experience hitting 350,000 downloads, the French studio decided to expand its Propagation VR universe with "Propagation: Paradise Hotel", a new thrilling survival-horror adventure that will let you explore dark environments and cross paths with terrifying creatures, testing your nerves on the way.

The "Propagation: Paradise Hotel" VR experience is scheduled for late 2022, and the team is working for it to be available on all major VR platforms.

To follow the developments of "Propagation: Paradise Hotel", a Steam page has been created where it is already possible to Wishlist the upcoming experience.

Players can discover the universe of Propagation by playing the free original Propagation VR experience, and on the Propagation: Paradise Hotel website.

For more information, please visit the official website of WanadevStudio or the website of Propagation: Paradise Hotel.

Follow WanadevStudio on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

About WanadevStudio:

WanadevStudio is an independent French VR studio composed of enthusiasts involved in the development of immersive and fun VR games in Lyon, France. Thanks to its independence, WanadevStudio was able to make Ragnaröck the success it is known for and intends to repeat this success with Propagation: Paradise Hotel.

Article by: Susan N.


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