Gal*Gun Double Peace Headed for Nintendo Switch in 2022!

PQube (London, UK) - December 7th, 2021
- PQube and developer Inti Creates are excited to reveal that cult classic rail shooter 'Gal*Gun Double Peace' is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022!

     Originally released in 2016, beloved cult classic 'GalGun Double Peace' joins the rest of the 'GalGun' series on Nintendo Switch for the first time!

     Available as both a Physical & Digital release!

     Notoriously lewd and outrageously cute rail-shooter - 'Double Peace' is the best-loved in the series

     Take on hordes of girls vying for your affection as you attempt to find your one true love

     Multiple endings depending on your choices

     Huge story to play though as well as the much-loved Score Attack mode

     Unlock skill upgrades to power up your abilities

     A brand new opening movie featuring your favorite cast of characters!

     The 'Horny Trinity Edition' is available to pre-order now from Funstock!

     The new Switch version includes most of the DLC straight out of the box, with lots of costumes from cute to downright weird!

Read Some Of Our Euphoric MetaCritic User Reviews!

"Plays like a cross between House of the Dead and Time Crisis."

"Innuendos fly rapidly, and fan-service aplenty"

"I'm here for the panties and that's exactly what I got."

Check out the 'Gal*Gun Double Peace' Announcement trailer:

A Love-Infused Rail Shooter Like No Other!

'GalGun: Double Peace' has become a genre-defining game for an entire generation of players. As a celebration of this glorious game, the new Nintendo Switch edition has been created just for you! Step back into the wonderful world of girls throwing themselves at you in 'GalGun: Double Peace' for Nintendo Switch!

A rail shooter with a difference - replace bullets with pheromone shots, and enemies with giddy love-obsessed school girls. Every love letter and advancing kiss drains your energy! Repel them while upgrading your power-ups and take part in outrageously lewd mini-games to find your true love!

Fend Off Waves Of Admirers!

When Houdai, the portrait of an uninteresting normal student, is shot by a cupid angel named Ekoro, he becomes immensely popular - in the blink of an eye every girl at the academy becomes insanely hot for him.

But being irresistible to the ladies is hardly a dream come true for Houdai. Every love letter, shout of adulation, or advancing kiss will drain his energy. He has to stay strong – because if Houdai doesn’t find his one true love by the end of the day, he will become cursed and destined to be forever alone.

A Multitude Of Game Modes!

     Story Mode: Can you fend off all the girl's advances and successfully confess your feelings to the girl of your dreams?

     Score Attack: Achieve the highest scores on each level!

     Doki Doki Mode: Break out the big guns and turn the girls' happiness up to 11! Aim for the coveted 'Double Peace' result!

     Closet: Change the girl's outfits as you desire, with lots of different options available, including 450 different underwear designs (yes, really)

     Collection: Take a look at your achievements, image gallery, and information on all the lovely ladies at the Academy!

'Horny Trinity Edition' Available To Pre-Order!

In celebration of this iconic release, the 'Horny Trinity Edition' is available to pre-order from our friends at Funstock now! This edition of 'GalGun Double Peace' includes:

     A 3-in-1 slip case with original artwork, holding all 3 Nintendo Switch games in the series

     2 Plushies featuring the iconic Devil 'Kurona' and our favorite Angel 'Ekoro'

     The 'DIY Tentacle Kit' stockings

     A 17cm acrylic standee featuring limited edition artwork of some of our favorite characters across all 3 'GalGun' games!

     Ultimate Edition also available, including all 3 'GalGun' games on Nintendo Switch!

'Gal*Gun: Double Peace' Releases on Nintendo Switch on March 17th, 2022!

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About Inti Creates

Inti Creates was founded on May 8, 1996 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan by a group of game industry veterans. Over the years, they have worked very hard to become one of Japan’s biggest and most successful independent developers. Starting back on April 23, 1998 with the development their very first game, Speed Power Gunbike that was released on the Playstation 1 in Japan, they have gone on to create a robust lineup of self-published titles from their Azure Striker Gunvolt series and Gal*Gun series to the Blaster Master Zero series, Dragon Marked for Death, and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. They have also developed dozens of titles over the years for major video game publishing companies like Capcom, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Sega, and Sony Computer Entertainment.

About PQube

PQube is a leading international creator, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment. The company’s teams worldwide are committed to publishing games they love by working closely with development partners and reaching consumers globally on all major gaming platforms. PQube manages a rich portfolio of brands including Cat Quest, New Super Lucky’s Tale, BlazBlue, Gal*Gun, White Day, Kill La Kill, Nexomon: Extinction, Guilty Gear, Kitaria Fables, and many more. Visit: to find out more.

Article by: Susan N.



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