Turtle Beach Elite 800x is now available for pre-order

One of the biggest names in video gaming headsets has a new product on the way, and for those looking to give it a go - pre-orders will be avaiable.

Here is the press information:

Now Accepting Pre-Orders for Turtle Beach Elite 800X Fully Wireless Premium Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Having pioneered the category for fully wireless gaming headsets for next-gen gaming consoles, Turtle Beach continues to innovate in this space and is pleased to announce that the Turtle Beach Elite 800X premium gaming headset for Xbox One is almost here, and you can reserve yours starting today! Head over to the Turtle Beach website or to your favorite participating retailer and pre-order the Elite 800X right now to ensure you get it on Day 1 when it becomes available May 22, 2015.

The Elite 800X is Turtle Beach’s top-of-the-line headset for Xbox One gamers. It’s fully wireless for game audio AND chat audio. That means there’s no cable going from the Elite 800X headset to your game controller, and no cable going from your game controller to your console. You get crystal clear game audio and chat audio via 100% wireless connectivity, using the latest, cutting-edge technology.

Beyond being fully wireless, the Turtle Beach Elite 800X is loaded with a bevy of additional features that cater to your everyday gaming needs, including:

·         Noise Cancelling – Eliminate unwanted background distractions with active noise cancellation when connected to your game console (and mobile/tablet devices).

·         7.1 Surround Sound – The Elite 800X uses DTS Headphone:X  to create amazing, 360-degree soundscapes with unmatched spatial accuracy.

·         Superhuman Hearing & Sound Modes/Presets – From the faintest of enemy footsteps to weapon reloads off in the distance, Superhuman Hearing ensures you hear it all. This exclusive Turtle Beach preset gives you the competitive advantage of hearing your enemies before you see them. The Elite 800X also includes a variety of custom DTS Surround Sound modes combined with enhanced genre-specific presets to further immerse you in your favorite games, movies and music.

·         Magnetic Charging Stand & Rechargeable Battery – Whether you need a break from dominating other players in your favorite multiplayer game, or it’s simply time to retire for the evening, just place the Elite 800X into its low profile, magnetic charging stand to store it and keep your headset powered-up without any cables. The Elite 800X features a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 10-hours of fully wireless gaming.

·         Swappable Speaker Plates – Customize your Elite 800X headset to your liking with easily swappable speaker plates that can be changed out with new designs from www.turtlebeach.com/plates.

·         High Quality Hidden Microphones – The Elite 800X features dual hidden microphones, with environmental presets to ensure you’re always heard, regardless of your surroundings.

·         Bluetooth Wireless Versatility – Enjoy wireless Bluetooth connectivity with all your mobile devices. And gamers never need miss a call or text again, as they can pair the Elite 800X to their mobile phone to hear text notifications and take calls while playing.

·         Easy Setup – The Elite 800X setup is made easy through its magnetic charging stand, which doubles as the wireless transmitter to the headset. Simply connect the charging stand to your game console using the provided USB and optical cables, and start playing.

·         Companion App – Download the Ear Force Audio Hub app to wirelessly change presets on the fly using your mobile/tablet device.

·         Elite Membership w/Purchase – You demand the ultimate in performance, and you get the ultimate in benefits. When you purchase the Turtle Beach Elite 800X headset, you also receive:

o   Turtle Beach Elite T-Shirt or Hooded Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
o   Two additional sets of speaker plates
o   Free Twitch Turbo trial membership
o   2-year extended warranty
o   Concierge product support service (for U.S. and Canada)
o   Early access to the latest Turtle Beach news and product info
o   Exclusive offers from the www.turtlebeach.com store and partners

Article by Nick

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