Bloober Team looks to make things right with Brawl

About a year ago this indie team released the game Basement Crawl to really rough reviews and player feedback. Now Bloober Team is looking to learn from their mistakes - will Brawl make things right?

The news:

Remember Bloober Team’s BRAWL, the Polish studio’s upcoming horror-themed party game for the PlayStation 4? We have 3 brand-new videos to share with you: the official teaser, a short developer commentary, and footage from the first Brawl championship at Intel Extreme Masters 2015.

But first, what is Brawl exactly?

Brawl is a new party game for PlayStation 4 where up to 4 players enter maze-like levels and are forced to drop bombs or use special abilities in order to survive. Think Bomberman meets MOBA, but with the extra oomph of Hellraiser-esque environments and characters. A throwback to the golden age of the arcades, Brawl goes beyond online multiplayer with a number of *local* multiplayer modes that should make any living room come alive with screams, physical challenges, body tackles, or all of the above.

Also, Brawl will be FREE to anyone who previously purchased Basement Crawl -- not necessarily new information, but certainly newsworthy :)

You can read more about it on the PlayStation blog.

And the teaser:

Article by Nick

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