Oriental Empires looks like our kind of game

It's early - it's very early, but the potential here is impressive.

Here's the press release:

Publisher Iceberg Interactive is excited to announce it has signed a worldwide publishing deal for the epic 4X strategy game Oriental Empires (PC). The game is currently set for a summer 2015 Early Access debut on the Steam Platform.
Development of Oriental Empires is led by R.T. Smith and John Carline, two veteran strategy game developers with more than 30 years experience between them. Previously they worked together on the Total War series of games, in roles including Project Director and Lead Artist, and have credits on many other AAA titles from studios including Crystal Dynamics, Pandemic, Frontier Developments, and Slightly Mad Studios.

Oriental Empires is a turn-based 4X style civilization-building game set in ancient China. It will feature both single-player campaigns as well as a multiplayer mode. Oriental Empires covers the period from earliest recorded history, until the widespread adoption of firearms (roughly 1,500 BC to 1,500 AD) and aims to realistically depict the world of ancient China, with a focus on the unique aspects of its civilization. This extremely deep strategy game includes both an historic scenario on a realistic period map of China, and skirmish-style scenarios on random or user-generated maps.

“We are extremely pleased to be involved in the upcoming release of Oriental Empires; it really is such a beautiful, deep and elaborate game that we can’t possibly list all of its intriguing features in one press release," says Erik Schreuder, CEO at Iceberg Interactive. "There are also many detailed future plans for DLC, user generated content and other additions, so this game is going to be around for a long, long time. Gamers can rejoice and get their first taste of a very complex and compelling strategy game come the Early Access release this summer. If you love strategy games, you can't afford to miss out on this one!”

"We are delighted to be working with Iceberg Interactive, and very excited to finally announce our project Oriental Empires, which we have been quietly developing for some time," says R.T. Smith speaking on behalf of the developers.

Keep up with all the latest news regarding Oriental Empires by checking Iceberg Interactive’s official Website www.iceberg-games.com.
About Oriental Empires

Step into the world of the ancient Orient. Control a city or tribe from the dawn of Chinese history, and turn it into a great empire. Develop your land, create great cities, raise huge armies and fight epic wars. Advance your technology, culture and religion to create one of mankind’s great civilizations. All the action takes place on one spectacular game map that brings to life the mountains, forests, plains and deserts of China. Zoom in close to review your troops and see your peasants toiling, or zoom out for a strategic overview. Plan your battles, end your turn, and then watch as your armies obey your orders, with hundreds of soldiers battling right on the game map.

Key Features
•Start out as a single nation or tribe, starting from humble beginnings with a single settlement and expand your empire and develop your culture with the aim of becoming the universally recognized Son of Heaven and ruler of the world.
•Persuade the other factions to recognize you as such by either military force, or by diplomatic persuasion.
•Play as one of 16 different factions each with their own special bonuses or penalties.
•Vast beautifully rendered map featuring an attractive and authentic depiction of the landscape of China and Mongolia.
•Large scale battles with hundreds or thousands of soldiers, depicted in detail right on the game map.
•Watch skilled armies and reinforcements go to battle, according to the battle orders and formations set by the player.
•Fully animated 3D models, with variations in face and clothing for each model, including infantry, cavalry, chariot and artillery units, as well as naval forces.
•Long seamless zoom range lets you step right into the game world or zoom out for a strategic overview.
•Develop your settlements by constructing buildings and developing the landscape around them, build markets and ports to enable trade by land and water.
•Elaborate research tree including technology as well as cultural, philosophical and religious developments.
•Many other elements will determine the outcome of you quest for dominance such as Leaders, Sieges, Unrest and Rebellion, and Authority and Culture ratings.
•As Emperor, set edicts, laws and decrees to balance power and move into a glorious new Era, with new technologies and military units that change the game!  

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