Bandai Namco announces some new titles, offers assets to others too

Bandai Namco always seems to have something in the works - but now they have several somethings with plenty of assets to boot! My personal favorite? The announcement about Project X Zone 2. I really enjoyed the original, so this is one I will be looking forward to. However, Saint Seiya: Soldier's Soul and more to look at for both Naruto and Supernova gives fans plenty to look forward to. We have press releases, trailers and screenshots galore!

Here's the press release:

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America has announced two titles in development, Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul and Project X Zone 2™. Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul is the newest addition to the anime and manga franchise which is coming soon to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and STEAM for PC. Additionally, Project X Zone 2 is the sequel to the hit strategy RPG that brings together iconic characters from top video game publishers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc, CAPCOM Co., Ltd., and SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd.; the game is in development exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America also released a new set of assets for its anime action adventure game, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, coming soon for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and STEAM for PC; and Supernova, a free-to-play MOBA real time strategy game coming to PC.

First up, we have Project X Zone 2:

Leading video game developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announced Project X Zone™ 2 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.  The sequel to 2013’s hit strategy RPG, Project X Zone 2 gathers legendary characters from Japan’s most prolific video game publishers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., CAPCOM Co., Ltd., and SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd/ SEGA Games Co., Ltd to create the biggest mashup strategy game ever!

Developed by MONOLITH SOFTWARE INC., Project X Zone 2 gives gamers the opportunity to play as their favorite characters from a multitude of franchises including the “TEKKEN” series, TALES OF VESPERIA, and “.hack//” series from BANDAI NAMCO; the “Resident Evil” series, “Devil May Cry” series, and “Megaman X” series from CAPCOM as well as YAKUZA: Dead Souls, the “Sakura Wars” series, and “Virtua Fighter” series from SEGA, with many others to be revealed. Players will form teams of characters hailing from these classic series’ and engage enemies through strategic turn-based battles. 

“Project X Zone was the first of its kind – three of the largest, well-respected Japanese gaming brands coming together to lend their most beloved characters for one of the largest crossover titles ever,” said Chris Gilbert, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.  “The sequel promises more characters from revered franchises and refined gameplay creating an even deeper and engaging experience.”

Project X Zone 2 will be available across North America and South America this Fall.

Next up, we have Saint Seiya: Soldier's Soul: 

Leading interactive entertainment media publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. announces Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and PC through STEAM. Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul presents Seiya and his adventures in full next-gen fidelity for the first time ever in franchise history and will be available in fall 2015.

Developed by famed Japanese video game developer DIMPS Co. Ltd., Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul is the next video game chapter for the storied anime and manga franchise. The game will mark the debut of the powerful Gold Saints wearing their God Cloths and will feature further refined gameplay, new character moves, and additional subtitle language support in Neutral Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul is also the first game in the series to feature original voiceover in Neutral Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese with the anime voiceover cast. Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul takes players through an arduous journey through the Twelve Zodiac Temples story arc to battle with a plethora of enemies that leads to an inevitable final meeting with the lord of underworld, Hades. Additional surprises await fans as they progress deeper into the game.

“The Saint Seiya franchise has enjoyed a storied past and loyal following around the globe.” said Chris Gilbert, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “We’re thrilled to present the next Saint Seiya game to PlayStation®4 system and STEAM players for the first time ever and continue telling the story of Seiya, his cosmic adventures and hard-fought battles amongst the constellations.”

Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul will feature the Gold Saints with God Cloths from the new Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul animated series that will be broadcast in 2015. More details pertaining to Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul the animated series will be shared in the months to come.

Currently rated “RP” for Rating Pending by the ESRB, Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul will be available in North America in digital format only for the PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation®3 system, and PC via STEAM. The game will be available in packaged and digital form for Latin America and Brazil for the PlayStation®4 system and PlayStation®3 system and digitally for PC via STEAM.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4:


With more than 12 million NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM games sold worldwide, this series established itself among the pinnacle of Anime & Manga adaptations to videogames! As every good story comes to an end, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 is going to be the most incredible STORM game released to date! Players around the world will experience the exhilarating adventures of Naruto Uzumaki like never before! The latest opus in the acclaimed STORM series will take gamers on a breathtaking and epic ride with new features like Change Leader System and Wall-run. For the fi rst time ever, the world of NARUTO will also take advantage of the graphics power of the new generation systems. This is just the beginning and more characters and features will be announced in the future!

• New Generation Systems – With development made specifi cally to leverage the power of PlayStation®4, Xbox One and STEAM®, this brand new game will take players through an incredible journey of beautifully Anime-rendered fights!
• Change Leader System – Recreate all the legendary teams from NARUTO SHIPPUDEN or create your own team! Players will be able
to switch characters during the fi ght!
• New Features – Enjoy fast-paced fi ghts with the Wall-run!
• Incredible Roster – The most impressive selection in the history of Naruto games will span the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN story arc and capture the latest character appearances from the anime.
• ORIGINAL VOICEOVER SUPPORT – Includes the Japanese, American, Mexican and Brazilian voiceover cast!
• ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE SUPPORT – Includes French, Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese

And lastly, Supernova:

SUPERNOVA – The Universe Is Your Arena
It is mankind’s distant, spacefaring future. Having tamed their own solar system, the human race has ventured forth into the cosmos to find a universe in peril. Ancient and mysterious portals have brought humanity face to face with vast, unrelenting alien legions, set to wage war across the galaxy. In this time of universal chaos, human and alien race alike must rely on their most skilled commanders to lead their forces in the fight for galactic dominance while uncovering the secrets behind the strange portals.

Supernova brings innovation to MOBAs through its exciting sci-fi universe that offers upgradeable minions, crafting from drops, the mysterious Supremacy ability and an unparalleled line-up of commanders. Only by mastering all that Supernova has to offer will you advance your interstellar civilization!


True Command of Your Army – Strategically deploy and outfit lane units that advance on enemy territory. How you manage technologies, upgrades, and build order can mean the difference between stunning victory and crushing defeat. You have control of it all!

A Distinctively Sci-Fi Setting – Supernova’s futuristic science fiction setting, with technology and space-faring races, offers huge gameplay possibilities. You’ll be transported to a universe where contests between commanders are won with unique technologies and strange alien powers.

A Vast Galaxy of Customization – Commanders can prepare a wide variety of craftable accessories 
before a match, then customize attributes and talents with each in-game level. Accessories are crafted by combining dropped items to boost commanders’ inherent talents.

Commanders from Across the Universe – A dizzying array of powerful commanders is at your disposal, ready to lead your armies into battle. Choose between mech pilots from the human core worlds or gun-for-hire mercenaries from the lawless outer planets. Or look beyond mankind and select an alien commander – the choice is yours.

Technology is Key – Commanders daring enough to challenge and defeat the ancients will be rewarded with Mechanoughts, planet-razing ancient technology that relentlessly drive through the heart of your enemy’s defenses. The question is; who will awaken them first?

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