Month in Review - March 2015

Hi everyone! We’ve had a busy month and know that not everyone always has a chance to stop by every day, so for those of you that can’t, here’s our month in review highlighting anything you may have missed! I PY will be your host, and here is the month of March.

So for something a little new, I ventured into a different direction and had quite a time creating what is essentially my first Let’s Play. Using Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, a trusty recorder with a USB plug for easy file transferring, and FRAPS, the following three Play Times were the result.

Moving away from fast paced action and into something much more technical, Nick upgraded his PS4’s Hard Drive with monstrous file size capabilities for a 2.5” format (aka laptops). Catch up in how he did it and what he thought of the drive he put in!

And then… there was the announcement that Elite Dangerous is coming to consoles. While I personally can game on just about any device I want, I prefer console gaming and in particular as I don’t need to worry about if my Video Card is up to the challenge or not! In case you missed it, check out Robert's time with it!

As usual there have been no shortages of gaming in either regard from the Previews to the Reviews. We’ve had run ins with zombies, angels, demons, and monsters in general both big and small from Roguelikes to Tower Defense and over to running Empires or just sailing the open seas.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the month of March because April is looking crazy!


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