Etrian Mystery Dungeon screens and trailer

Here is a look at the Runemaster class in the upcoming game which meshes Etrian's style with roguelike elements. We have screens and ta trailer below.

Here is the press release:

Is there anything better than roasting your enemies by hurling giant balls of fire at them? Or calling down a deadly maelstrom to zap your enemies into oblivion? Maybe you're the type who likes to impale enemies on deadly lances made of ice? Yep, that's probably the right one. Lances made of ice. Ice lances.

Well then Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Runemaster has your name written all over it! This staff-wielding master of elements is a walking force of nature, throwing out direct damage elemental attacks or summoning powerful AoE spells, the Runemaster is a potent damage dealer. Just remember to bring a Protector along, because a Runemaster won't last long if an enemy is whaling on it.

About Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is the roguelike RPG from Atlus and Spike Chunsoft that combines the character classes and skill trees of the Etrian Odyssey series with the roguelike nature and exploration of the Mystery Dungeon series in a tense, near-infinite dungeon exploring/looting adventure for the Nintendo 3DS. Available beginning April 7, pre-orders and a limited first-run printing of the game will include a bonus soundtrack CD and the "Sights & Sounds of Mystery" art book!

The screen shots:

And the trailer:

Article by Nick