Bloodsports.TV trailer and information

At the first description, this sounded a bit like the old Monday Night Combat game I used to really enjoy, but this is more of a top-down affair. We have some news, screens and a trailer to show off.


Independent developer Fatshark in collaboration with Indie team Toadman Interactive, released a new gameplay trailer today, highlighting the vicious and strategic co-op action of Bloodsports.TV. Set to launch Monday, March 30th on Steam (PC), Bloodsports.TV puts players in an arena style battleground where players must control their deadly Gladiators and work together to achieve rewards and battle glory. Players can pre-purchase Now and receive an extra copy of the game to send to a friend (does not apply to 5-pack purchases) and additionally, all owners of Krater on Steam will receive an additional 10% off during Pre-Purchase. 



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