Games of January

It’s that time again! Thankfully right after the holidays January is looking even lighter than December. Don't let that fool you however because February is already looking packed!

Tuesday January 19th

Sony PlayStation 4 | Micosoft Xbox One

Resident Evil Origins Collection
The Resident Evil Origins Collection combines the HD versions of both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0.

If these two weren't creppy enough back in the day with gameplay mechanics alone, they should be now with the more detailed graphics than either the PS1 or GameCube could provide. Or maybe that's just be being afraid of the dark and the things that live in it.

Life is Strange - Physical

Sony PlayStation 4 | Micosoft Xbox One

Life is Strange which is now complete was one of the more recent episodic released titles. Following suite with some others of the genre, it is now seeing a physical release for either collectors or those that haven't jumped upon the digital bandwagon.

That or like me you would rather wait for a full release and go through it all in one go instead of cringing at every cliffhanger ending.

Tuesday January 26th

LEGO Marvel's Avengers

Sony PlayStation 4 / 3 / Vita | Microsoft Xbox One / 360
Nintendo WiiU / 3DS

TT Games proved what it could do with a wide open hub when it releases Lego Marvel Superheroes.

Taking a different approach, dive back into the world of Marvel with an experience dedicated to the Avengers which incorporates a lot of the action that we've seen in the blockbuster releases.

As long as Deadpool makes an appearence somewhere... I'll be happy.

Final Fantasy Explorers

Nintendo 3DS

Coop Final Fantasy is back with Final Fantasy Explorers.

This honestly makes me think a bit of the GameCube release all those years ago but a lot better. Between this and The World of Final Fantasy coming out this year. It'll be a good one regardless of if XV finally does release.

Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel


Everone loves a good arcade fighter and Nitroplus Blasterz is exactly that and is coming to consoles outside of Japan.

With thirty-two characters to choose from for battling or support, there should be some familiar faces such as Saber from Fate Stay and one of the vocaloids Super Sonico.

Miss something last month? Check out the Month of December!

Article by Pierre-Yves

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