New Video Details Demons Age Background Story

We have taken a look at this title a couple of times already, but this new video sheds a bit more light on the backstory for the game.

The press bits:

Bigmoon Entertainment today released a new video which tells the history of Moragon, the chaos-swept peninsula that serves as the backdrop for classical turn-based RPG Demons Age. The video touches on some of the most important elements of Demons Age’s lore, including the rise of Vazuhr, the Lord of Darkness, and his connection to the Moragon’s four mysterious monoliths.

Demons Age is a brand new title that brings together the characteristics of a classic turn-based roleplaying game with modern graphics and a gripping atmosphere. Demons Age takes console and PC gamers on a thrilling adventure in either single character or party mode in which they must find like-minded adventurers, explore mysterious ruins, and fight against ancient evil forces. Demons Age is currently being beta tested, and is slated to launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2016.

For more information about Demons Age, please visit:

And the trailer:

Article by Nick

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