Might and Delight announces Paws

Brie was a huge fan of Shelter 2 and its expansion, so I suspect she will be the first in line when this title releases in the coming months.


Might and Delight are pleased to reveal details of their latest project - Paws.  Paws is a return to the world of Shelter 2 where for the first time in the Shelter series you inhabit the role of a little, lost baby lynx on a mission to find its way home.

The standalone adventure platformer pits you in a world fraught with a whole new set of dangers whilst drenched in an unsettling atmosphere unlike anything previously experienced in Shelter.

"As the world of Shelter continues to grow, so has the opportunity to expand on the experiences and variety of stories we can tell. We've also been hugely inspired by the feedback and continued support of our fans, who have shown a clear indication to delve further into the Shelter universe," Anders Westin, CEO of Might and Delight said.

At it's core, Paws is a story about friendship and the strength to overcome overwhelming odds and will feature a track sensing ability which is new to the Shelter world.

"Paws allows us to present a world unlike any before seen in the series. This isn't Shelter 2. This is a big scary world as viewed through the eyes of a little cub," Anders added.

Paws is set for release on Steam and other retail outlets on March 24th 2016. The expanded edition of the game will come bundled with an original soundtrack, which has been once again created by the award winning Retro Family and will also include The Lonesome Fog - Our first major foray into the interactive books segment.

And some assets:

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