Check Out the Launch Trailer for the Twitch Integrated Experience in Silicon City

Annecy - France, June 15th, 2023 – Polycorne unveils the launch trailer for Silicon City, its new election feature for Silicon City, which will leave early access on 22 June (7 AM PST/ 4 PM CEST) and transforms the gaming experience into a City RPG on Twitch.

Silicon City is a fun citizen-centric city-building game with a retro-classic-flavor and modern tools.

Get Elected or Leave the City!

In addition to all the buildings, data views, unique citizen profiles and customisation options, Silicon City has a brand new election system.

You start out as the Mayor of Silicon City, and all the modern tools at your disposal allow you to build and customize the city of your dreams. However, the Silizens (Citizens of Silicon City) all have their own opinions on the matter, and your term of office is in danger of running out if you don't listen to them carefully. 

Use your knowledge and the information provided by the municipal service on voter engagement and needs to run your election campaign. Get re-elected and continue to manage your urban planning projects, offering your fellow citizens a good life, or it's game over, Mr ex-mayor!

Silicon City as a City RPG

Twitch integration allows streamers to play with their viewers as citizens. These citizens appear in the game and can carry out a host of different actions, including looking for a job, using the Bakr social network, voting, and many other surprises.

Silicon City is thus transformed into a real Twitch RPG where, more than ever, every Silizen has a say, and where the streamer-mayor experience reaches its climax.


  • A tribute to the classic City-Builder 
  • Unique, independent and important citizens
  • Blueprint management and data views tools
  • Procedurally generated buildings
  • Customize your games
  • Bakr: an integrated social network
  • Multiple camera option
  • A fun and friendly tone that makes the game accessible to everyone
  • Twitch integration - Your audience become Silizens in your game
  • A Silicon City Wiki.

About Polycorne Games

Polycorne Games is an indie video games studio from Annecy. We put gameplay innovation at the heart of our projects. We encourage creativity within our team to produce a unique gaming experience. We were born gamers and have a real passion for video games and their mechanics. Polycorne shares these values by contributing to management game projects with innovative concepts.
Article by: Susan N.


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