Cultivate Your Ultimate Farm in One Lonely Outpost

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – June 26, 2023 –
 One Lonely Outpostthe wholesome space farming simulator set on a desolate alien planet from developer and publisher Freedom Games, has successfully landed on PCs via Steam Early Access today, with ports for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on the horizon alongside the future 1.0 launch.

Take the first steps into a charming new world filled with potential and mysteries to uncover. As the first pioneer, make the rusty-hued planet of Calypso hospitable for civilization with the help of Qwerty, a trusty robot companion and the only other Earthly being to make the journey. Terraform the dry desert landscape, mine for resources, and build a bustling community from the ground up.

Plant the seeds of a new colony from reserves stored in the Space-RV. Tend to the brave little seedlings that will provide new oxygen and soon make the air breathable. Harvest and amass a stable food supply to ensure the survival of future colonists, cultivating the planet and learning from it too. Explore the rocky landscape of Calypso and record existing life, weather, minerals, and more in the Omniac. 

Gaining an understanding of this new home will be vital to humankind’s harmonious survival. As the planet becomes more fit for society, curious travelers will make this lonely outpost not-so-desolate. Build a utopia together, welcoming company and connecting with the new denizens as they experience their own fresh starts. Form close-knit friendships and find a budding romance among the colonists. The future of human civilization lies upon the robustness of this community!

“The virtue of working together to build something new can be found at the core of any healthy society,” said Bryan Herren, Director of Marketing, Freedom Games. “One Lonely Outpost honors the strong communities that come together to build something larger than themselves, including our own. I’d like to thank our wonderful community for following along our journey thus far. We can’t wait to show you what’s to come for 1.0!”


One Lonely Outpost is now available on PC and via Steam Early Access. For more information about One Lonely Outpost, set sights on Freedom Games’ official website, follow @1LonelyOutpost on Twitter, join fellow pioneers on the official Discord server, and search #OneLonelyOutpost on social media.

About Freedom Games

Freedom Games is a publisher dedicated to offering best-in-class services to partners and providing players around the world with unique and memorable experiences. With over 50 years of combined industry experience at the executive level, Freedom Games seeks to leverage its expertise to facilitate great games and even better publishing experiences.


For more information, visit the official Freedom Games website.

Article by: Susan N.


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